Wednesday, December 8, 2010

temple lights.

things to remember about this night...

+ i was super chill about the girls walking and not riding in the stroller this year. they didnt even get lost. :)
+ it was unusually warm.
+ seeing the statue of jesus christ at the visitor center and being reminded that he loves me and wants me to
    follow him.
+ having that wow moment when seeing all the lights around the temple.
+ callie wanted to hop every fence to see the statues and baby jesus.
+ remembering the time when we took my grandma to the temple when she was really sick. we pushed her   
   around in a wheel chair and i have a memory in my mind of looking at her and feeling so much love, and being so grateful for eternal families.
+ we went with marks brother, scott and my sis in law, miss and their kids, sam, ethan and rileigh.
+ we went to baskin robins afterward and i had a 2 scoop cone. i loved watching the kids pick out the perfect flavor.
+ walker screamed the WHOLE way there. they all fell asleep in the car on the way home. bliss.