Thursday, May 28, 2009

memorial day

on memorial day, we went to the dbacks game. we decided to ride the tram (train) to the ball park. the girls loved the experience of getting the ticket, going aboard, finding a seat and riding backwards! :)

the dbacks won! it was a great game! the girls enjoyed shelling and eating peanuts and dancing to all the music.
later we went to grandma and grandpa higbees for a bbq and swim.
what a great and busy day. we all slept very well that night:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

my kids loved this pool. they both could touch the bottom, which helped out ALOT. we spent alot of time here, eating nachos and sipping on strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas(virgin), and playing shark gonna getcha with the kids.
it was a rare moment that i got to sit alone with my book. can see my little bump, dont let it fool ya, i think its still baby fat from callie, not pregnancy bump :)

to callie swim time was snack time. she was snacking the WHOLE day! no she is snacking....

and again, snacking, and sharing with ellery and uncle kevo.
addie got to paint a dolphin with mimi. it is a very prized possession now.

callie in goggles = priceless

to end the trip i had to get a coconut popcicle. their popcilces are so dang good. chunks of real fruit and so delish and creamy.

a great way to end a great trip.

until next time rocky point, ADIOS!

of course we had to build a sand castle. it was built with a moat and decorated with the finest shells, feathers and crab legs. dont you love addies "price is right girl" pose. she was awfully proud.

and only mothers would understand the unresistant feeling i had about posting this picture. sandy bottoms = smiles from a mom
flying kites, one of my dads personal favs

addie was turned into a mermaid. here she is pictured belting out her best Ariel ah ah ahs.

diggin a hole with dad.

the girl cousins,
Ellery, Addie and Callie
if you can believe it, there is still more!
pool fun will be coming up.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

as i mentioned before, walking the beach looking for sea shells is one of my favorite parts about the beach. it kinda runs in the family. my grandma smith has always loved to do the same. and she always seemed to find the most unusual rare shells. growing up i remember watching my moms silhouette far away walking the water line. she always came back with multiple sand dollars and unique shells.

[mimi and callie]

what else can i say other than,
it bring me joy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

back from vacation

and o, how i enjoyed it.

we went to Rocky Point. it was perfect.
my kids had the time of their lives.
they especially loved going out into the ocean with daddy. i wouldnt go, i have this fear of ocean creatures waiting to get me, and plus it was sting ray season... i only went in up to my knees.
this was the view from our room.

a favorite part of mine, when going to the beach, is walking along side of the water, looking at shells, feeling and hearing the waves. it was so great to do that with my girls. to see them picking up washed up crab legs, sea weed and broken shells and thinking it was the greatest treasure in the world, brought a smile to my face.

my children had no fear of the water.
callie shocked me, she would go out into the water up to her little neck.

[callie and cousin ellery]

lots more of mexico to come.
today i have laundry to do and produce to buy and rain to enjoy.
have a happy day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


mark brought me flowers when he got home from work this morning.

its our 5th wedding anniversary.
i am kinda in shock. how has it been 5 years already?
tonight we will enjoy a night out. mark suggested dinner? movie? book store browsing? frozen yogurt? or just sipping smoothies and talking. whatever we may do, i will enjoy it.
i love you mark.

the winner,,,,,,,,,,

using, the winner of the red rose earrings is.......
BRITNEY!, my adorable, soon to be mommy, living in boston, very much missed
love you brit, im glad you won. send me address and i will get this sent out to you.:)
thank you all for participating.
i am very excited for summer. for the events that is, not the 110+ heat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a giveaway for you

since i have been feeling better and getting back into the blogging grove, i wanted to do another giveaway. who doesn't love getting something in the mail, especially if its pretty, free, and just for you.
these darling red rose earrings will appear in someones mail,
it could be yours!:)

see more details about this item in my shop.

to enter the giveaway, leave me a comment and tell me one word that describes your summers.

i will pick a winner Thursday the 14th @ 8am

good luck:)

pretty as a pea

the first veggies to be picked from the garden,
they were delicious and sweet.
the best part...
seeing my kids gobble them up.
addie devoured them, she couldn't get enough.
her mouth was stuffed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

homemade popcicles = happy

i made the yummiest popcicles ( if i do say so myself). i found the recipe from , great site. my kids loved them and i just couldnt stop eating them. they are soooo good. you have to give them a whirl.
Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
(i used pink lemonade and it was a little bit tart, but o so good)
3 cups cold water
1 pkg.(16 oz) frozen sliced strawberries
In a lrg. pitcher, stir together the lemonade concentrate and water. Place strawberries into the container of a blender, and puree until smooth. Pour in some of the lemonade if necessary to facilitate blending. Stir strawberry puree into the lemonade. Pour into molds, and freeze until firm, about 4 hrs.
i used dixie cups, of course you could use the store bought plastic molds. i cut our wax paper, and poked popcicle sticks in the middle. the sticks had a hard time staying up straight so next time i will try plastic wrap.

when they were done, i just peeled off the cup.
i cant wait to try these with different juice and fruit combos. any ideas?

and if you do make them, be sure not to knock the pitcher that is half full of sticky juice all over the floor like i did. i had to mop 4 times to get it all up! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

keeping it real

beth tagged me with this fun post.well i dont know if it is that fun, it is revealing my dirty house:), just kidding, it really was fun. so here it goes....

1. kitchen sink

my sink half full of breakfast and lunch dishes needing to be loaded into the dishwasher.

2. Fridge
my fridge with a lot of left overs. a big jar of deli style pickles at the top, half gone, from me. need to go to the farmers market. canned peaches, homemade syrup and fresh jam. :) and the best yogurt, by the milk, Stonyfield Farm brand. soooo good. i like the vanilla with granola sprinkled on the top.

3. Toilet
this is the girls potty. like beth, it is rarely flushed , but lucky for you, it is:)

4. Favorite shoes

do i ever wear these shoes, rarely. but i like them. i am a flip flop kinda gal.

5. Closet

we have a big closet. we actually have 2 closets in our room. good thing, because our house lacks storage space. all of my canning, dehydrating and ice cream making machines up above.

marks side.

my side. mostly clothes that are too small that i dont want to give up on.

i think its time to do the laundry... but i think it may be able to fit a few more days worth on top.:)

7.Favorite Room

ok, this is embarrassing. this is my craft/sewing/computer room. let me explain.... we just got a new computer, explains the boxes and old computer all over the floor. 20 lbs of rice, wheat, sugar and flour in the corner that i am canning tonight. my sewing desk, covered in sewing projects that have yet to be done. shoe box on the desk full of earrings waiting to be sold and supplies ready to be made into earrings to be added to the shop. metal decor behind the ironing board waiting to be hung. all in all this is my favorite room, believe it or not. my favorite are my stacks of fabric and linens waiting for me to cut them up and sew something.

8. What are my kids doing right now.

playing with their little people and cars. they are bickering, but hey, they are playing together. i will take it.

9. Self portrait

this will just have to work. i am going through a chubby faced, emotional, puffy eye stage. so this works. :)

i tag, lexi, tatum, andrea, julie, and lindsey.