Thursday, May 14, 2009


mark brought me flowers when he got home from work this morning.

its our 5th wedding anniversary.
i am kinda in shock. how has it been 5 years already?
tonight we will enjoy a night out. mark suggested dinner? movie? book store browsing? frozen yogurt? or just sipping smoothies and talking. whatever we may do, i will enjoy it.
i love you mark.


Lexi said...

wow 5 years! It seems like you guys just got married! 5 yrs and 3 kids... such a little girls dream lol! Congrats

cvsue said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!! Don't know if you remember, but my mom and dads anniversary is today too. 15 years:)
Amanda McGuire

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Did Mark get the night off? I hope so!! You are a BEAUTIFUL bride. :-)

andrea said...

Happy Anniversary, a little late! Hope it was a great night!

Pottruffs said...

AWE, you guys are so sweet. Happy Anniversary. I'm with you, as long as it's "something" it's a great day. Wishing many many more anniversaries coming your way.

Brianna Avery said...

Oh how cute! You guys still look exactly the same too! Congrats!