Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what really happened

i debated on writing about my day, what really happened . i stuck to posting about the best part, bedtime. i decided to fill you in on what REALLY happened today....

i woke up. mark worked an overtime job. i had a free day. so i decided to go the gym. callie cried as usually when i left her at the kids club, aka babysitter service. i had a good work out went home and got the kids lunch. ramen noodles it was. fast, cheap, the girls devour it. here's where the day gets hairy....
cooked ramen smashed into the carpet.
addie running around the house, callie follows and throws up from jostling.
take callie upstairs for bath.
addie gets into the 12 oz container of yeast in the fridge.
she thinks its food.
the whole thing ends up in the carpet.
i come down to clean up the static, wont get sucked up the vacuum yeast. and the throw up.
kids are "playing" upstairs.
i go see what they are up to.
callie has eaten half of the full toothpaste tube. blue toothpaste everywhere.
bath number 2.
down time.
nap for callie.
movie for addie.
sewing for me.
addie decides she is thirsty.
tries to drink the whole pitcher of blue koolaid.
all down the front of her and in the rug.
i am fed up and send her outside to play.
i need a shower, perfect opportunity.
she brings a pile of dirt into the bathroom to make "pies" useing toilet water.
i have had it.
i call mark and tell him to bring home dinner, because i am not cooking.
i give the kids another bath, for safe measure, and put them to bed, early.
i have my down time and it is all good.
i go to brush my teeth.
my mouth goes numb and it tastes awful.
i spit and rinse immediately.
i look down in my bathroom drawer to see an opened tube of vagisil!
i have a feeling the toothpaste infatuated child i have put it on there. her name may start with a C.
yes people, i just told you that! ewwww!
i am going to bed and putting this day behind me.
remind me to buy a new toothbrush tomorrow.
good night

good night

6:30 p.m.

no naps = early bedtime

she fell asleep on my chest downstairs.

with addie, it took a story,

some back scratching, not rubbing or lightly touching, scratching. she is funny that way.

a little song, that i will have to share with you sometime. my parents sang it to me when i was little.

and she was out at the next snapshot.

good night my beauties.

a giveaway....

not from me, from her. and i want it!
i would love a quilt with one of my favorite color combos,
red, turquoise, and a creamy white. ahhhh.
i hope i get picked!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin this and pumpkin that

the one we picked.

thrifted mirror waiting outside for a fresh coat of paint.

going for it.

the slimy gunk.
me: addie what does it feel like?
her: squash
me: ya i guess it does. :)
(poor callie has been sick and was taking a nap during the pumpkin fun.) :(

she says shes making pumpkin pie.

me: what should we carve? something scary, something spooky?
her: no, a butterfly.
me: ok, butterfly it is.
daddy did such a good job!

carving pumpkins had to involve pumpkin cookies. they can never have too many chocolate chips.

p.s. i am trying to update my friends list, so if i never added you or if your blog address changed, please let me know!

double p.s. does any one elses child pull off the gum from under restaurant tables and chew it?

triple p.s. does any one elses kid yell over the fence to the mexican neighbors, " hola?"!!!! she needs to stop watching dora!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i cant think of anything clever to title this post

i have been on a downer for awhile. the last few days have been very challenging for me. so i decided it was a good day to physically find and capture things that give me that pitter patter in my heart. things that make my eyes smile.

her eyes, especially after a nap. what is it about the puffy, just napped eyes that i love so much?
fresh eggs from my sister in laws chickens. the different shades of neutral, the speckles. makes me feel like i am living a simpler life and a longing to live on a farm.
the morning sun bursting through a freshly drawn window onto a bed of messy sheets. i love it every time i see it. maybe that is why my bed never gets made. :)
one of these days i will be able to pick fruit from my own backyard.
a picture that addie "stickered" hanging on my pantry door.
and this shirt that has been hanging in my closet that i love so much,(because it is the perfect color of vintage yellow, and it has a bird on it) that i was able to fit into. this time it wasn't so snug around my middle. grin.

Friday, October 24, 2008

schnepf farm

Monday, October 20, 2008

raffle for a good cause

many of you have probably heard about Callie, (not my callie). She is the sister of a friend of mine growing up. Callie was ran over by a car in September. She is progressing well and the Dr.s have high hopes for her. Her sister, Ashley is holding a raffle, starting today, to help out with all the medical finances. I donated a list taker to the raffle. There are many other cute goodies to choose from.

it is for a good cause. go here to participate in the raffle and see more about Callie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday entertainment

excuse the chocolate stains, underwear, pjs, and foreign language. i dont have a clue what addie was saying either. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

christmas is coming up.......

and i would love anything from this shop!
preferably these earrings.....

they are just beautiful! i love them all.

hint, hint :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what in the world?

* how did she get up there? no help from sister, i know that!
* when i picked up addie at the gym yesterday, she had a drawing on her arm (with a pen) of a devil! and, it was an old lady who drew it on her? what was she thinking? i have a problem with #1, her drawing on my daughter. now addie will think its ok to draw on herself. and #2, it was a devil!
* our neighbors across the street have christmas lights up!
* i lost 6 lbs in one week without exercising!
i am in a slump. i feel like i am holding onto this roller coster called life and my fingers are about to loose their grip. my posts may be minimal for the next week or so. i love to blog, maybe it will lift my spirits if i do it more. on a happy note, it is chilly here, kinda... at night :) we had a chilly weather kick off. we watched "charlie brown and the great pumpkin" with all the pillows and blankets in the house and ate popcorn. i am still trying to figure out what to do about the girls costumes for halloween. i want it to be homemade, and i don't want to purchase anything. we will see how it goes, i still have a couple weeks.
my children are napping, when they wake up we are taking a bike ride to the park to end "our weekend". have a good wed. night.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


today i locked myself in my computer/sewing room. i sat down at the computer and pulled up this talk. i was in need of some enlightenment, some strength. read it, you will too. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

morning light

Thursday, October 9, 2008

counting down from ten, trying to find peace

this little lady has been testing me.

yes, this sweet little blue eyed girl. she does not listen and runs off. she is sneaky and suspicious.

yes, this red flushed cheeks and messy hair from napping girl. when i ask her do something, she puts her hands on her hips and says, " are you serious??"

yes, this eating noodles on the couch girl says that! i swear she is out to get me. no not really, but it feels like it. i love her dearly, but man, i am loosing it.

yes, she is precious. that is why i took these today. because when i look at these pictures, i see her innocence, her love, her joy. i am reassured that it is all worth it. i am buoyed up.

i love you addie.