Thursday, October 9, 2008

counting down from ten, trying to find peace

this little lady has been testing me.

yes, this sweet little blue eyed girl. she does not listen and runs off. she is sneaky and suspicious.

yes, this red flushed cheeks and messy hair from napping girl. when i ask her do something, she puts her hands on her hips and says, " are you serious??"

yes, this eating noodles on the couch girl says that! i swear she is out to get me. no not really, but it feels like it. i love her dearly, but man, i am loosing it.

yes, she is precious. that is why i took these today. because when i look at these pictures, i see her innocence, her love, her joy. i am reassured that it is all worth it. i am buoyed up.

i love you addie.


jessamyn said...

oh it must be something in the air.
the same words crossed my mind today.
"they MUST be out to get me".
until one of them wraps me up in love and then i know the truth.

tatum said...

She's just beautiful and mischievous just like her mother. She can't help it! It's in her genes...

Liz said...

I think those days have become the normal around here. I love nap time, it makes me fall in love with them again!

Lexi said...

you are so funny. I think so often, how can someone so little to be so disobedient. its crazy, but just remember, tomorrow is a new day.

Pottruffs said...

What a sweet mom you are. She's a beautiful little girl, and they are always the most testing ones. LOL Patience is a wonderful gift but most often needs to be learned.

Ashley said...

Oh goodness, this could have been a post on my blog, although maybe not as sweet! My daughter is driving me crazy!!! I'll tell her not to do something, oh like don't run into the road, you know, serious stuff like that, she'll look at me with her determined little eyes - and do it anyway! What?!?! Oh my gosh, 3 year olds are fun!