Tuesday, April 29, 2008

taking a break. needing to be with my kids, myself, my husband. needing to get to bed earlier. need to organize, all the corners in the house, my office/sewing room. needing to be on top of things. needing to clear my mind. sometimes this blogging world consumes me, and sad to say all these things get neglected sometimes. so for a short while, until next week.

Monday, April 28, 2008

mimi and papas house { part 2 }

well sort of camping. we sat around the fire in mimis backyard, ate mallow goodness and listened to the strumming of the guitar. and then, unlike camping went inside and took a shower and slept on a comfy, big bed.

she was the official
marshmallow bag holder, and eater.

addie couldnt help herself and join in the making of music.

** YUM. my favorite part.....
the chocolate. what a suprise!

a tired, not herself callie, just staring at the bright, flickering flames.

***such a relaxing night. it made me anxious to go camping, for reals.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

mimi and papas house { part 1 }

{{{ planting flowers with mimi on a saturday morning.

slight breeze, perfect temp., warm sun

callie watching close by, right before she puked her guts up.
poor thing is teething and not lookin so good.

Friday, April 25, 2008

baby shoot

i took some pics of my friends baby boy today. it made me long to hold a new bundle. so light and sweet smelling. so precious and sweet in spirit. and then i slapped myself!

he was such a good baby. congrats julie and andrew! hes so handsome.

see a few more of this little fella here.

{hope you all have a great weekend. i am missing my my loved one a lot. and his help with the girls. and our bed. i am a home body.}

Thursday, April 24, 2008

mountain air

we arrived in show low yesterday. there was much bribing to be good on the way. 59 cent ring pops do wonders! it is cold and windy. a nice change but i dont miss this wind. i cant believe we are in sweaters and pants. i have been longing to take a big breathe of this fresh mountain air. ahhhh.
more documents of happenings to come,
off to take a shower, i dont know why but my moms shower is divine.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

morning sun

i have become to like the morning. first thing i do is open all the windows and let the light come pouring in. it is a fresh start, it determines how the day will go. dont get me wrong. i do sometimes stay in my morning clothes until 11. other days i am so motivated for the day and have so much energy to get things done and get my body moving. mark also comes home from work in the morning, so that probably has something to do with my love for this time of day. after long nights with the girls i am ready for the dreaded "no sleep" to be over and for the sun to come up. it is my favorite part of the day.

i finally finished this retched hand bag for the swap. (yes, i said retched! too much Little Women watching has been happening around here) This bag was a killer! it wasnt that hard but had so many steps. it took me a total of five hours! and i have to give it away. i will get one in return, but man, i am kinda attached. there are some flaws, so i hope the swapee is forgiving! i am really proud of myself though. it was an accomplishment for me. sorry about the not so good pictures and harsh lighting, i was trying to get this all done before the little ones woke up. didnt happen, and i still ended up with not so good pics!

i decided to do 3 pockets instead of the one. im excited it even turned out as good as it did! it will be sent out today with a favorite spring recipe. im thinking...????... lemon bars?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

!@#$#% !@#$#

yes i am really cursing! i woke up last night with a crying, 102 degree temperature, throwing up kid last night! we have been sick, no kidding, for the last 4 months and i cant handle it any more. ear aches, cough, cold, fever, flu, puking, diarrhea, and some unsick symptoms such as teething, allergies, and marks sprained hand have dug me a grave. and i am about ready to hop in! it is taking all i have, physically, mentally, and emotionally. we have a freakin pharmacy above our microwave. we are clean people. i clean my house, disinfect, wash hands, i clean. so whats the deal? i am ready to get on with life. we have been missing out on alot, church, outings with friends, trips, and just basic everyday things. so ready to move on and feel better. i am so sick and tired of this crud and had to get this off my chest! thanks for listening!

on a brighter, happier note.....

these will be sent out tomorrow! thanks to those who have ordered!

{{{i am excited to get my own etsy purchase in the mail! i love getting good mail! who doesnt! i will share when it arrives! i am so very excited!

speaking of etsy, (which i always am) hopefully this etsy artist will be around awhile. i would love to get one of these for my girls when they are a tad older! ok, maybe one of each!

***heres to the beginning of a healthier week... i hope!

Friday, April 18, 2008

lots of water today! im sure there will be alot more in our future.

im desperate

i went in for my daily massage,

"helga, i think its about time i call for a haircut!"

helga: "uh yah! i dont even recognize you when your hair is down! in fact i can count on one hand the amount of times i have seen you, in my full 9 months of living, that i have seen you with your hair down! get it cut."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

for the girls......

these will be up in the shop. you pick the size you want and i make it and send it!

***change of plans. we are staying home this week due to some last min. family things going on. but we are going to have some fun with mimi while she is here. maybe some cookie making, rako playing, duper introducing, and movie watching will be going on. we love our mimi!
have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some things that make me excited!

**both the whale and owl shirts are up on my etsy shop! check it out!

i need to get things ready for our travels. there is so much to do before going out of town. especially with little ones. i feel like i am taking my whole house! i am looking forward to it though. seeing friends and family, loveing the trees and mountain air. (lets hope my allergies dont act up too bad!) and let me tell ya now mr. wind, dont be there when we arrive!

{look here if you need health.
and here if you want to know more!

Monday, April 14, 2008

some fun

finished these for a little newborn boy. ( julie, close your eyes!)

sometime this week i will put these up to order on my etsy shop.

my thinking cap is on.

i have so much on my mind. its one of those times in life where it just speeds up and there are a rush of events and things going on. not necessarily big things but just things on the mind.
one thing that was just resolved.... i have been "sick" for a long time. months. i would get cold/cough/flu symptoms and just recently horrible ear pain. well i went to the dr. and they kept giving me antibiotics. i was still sick and the ear pain kept returning. i decided i would go see an immunologist/allergist. they decided to do an allergy test on me. not fun by the way. apparently i have really bad allergies! i have never had allergies in my life. i am allergic to ALL types of grass. i am allergic to 4 out of the seven trees we planted! plus many weed plants and bushes! so crazy. looks like allergy shots are in my future.
this morning was a pull my hair out day. we all have these from time to time. i woke up feeling good and ready to get some things done around my house. all that was shot when my girls woke up. addie had a fever and was coughing nonstop. callie was crying nonstop at everything. addie dumped baby oil all over the bathroom floor. why i even have the stuff i dont know? callie plopped marks phone into a tall glass of water! no more phone. after two baths each before 11 o'clock they are finally taking naps! at the same time! ahhhhh. the silence is just heavenly! i am looking forward for my mom coming over tonight. just a quick trip. she leaves tomorrow. my girls just love there mimi!
and since i cant blog without pictures....

her hair is getting so blond from the sun. i would have never thought i would have had a blond haired child.
it is going to be a warm one today. they say 93 degrees. i am going to go work on some sewing while my little ones dream. hopefully i can get all i need to get done in the next few days so i can head up the mountain.
have a lovely, warm monday!
xo, Jessica

Friday, April 11, 2008

Addie update

being a mother is defiantly a comedy! since addie has been talking much better, i have laughing much harder! and o the embarrassment has begun. we were at the store the other day and addie sees a very large woman. she points at her, full arm extended and says in a very loud voice, " SHES BIG!!!" oh my gosh! what do i say. so i cruised down another isle and low and behold the same lady comes right behind me. and addie has to say it again, and HAD to point. SHES BIG!!! i was sweating and so embarrassed so i pretended like i didnt know what she was talking about and ignored her and quickly moved on. that isnt the first time she has done this. the first was in church and she did the same thing to the ward clerk as he went up and down the rows counting all the people! o what to do!
addie is very clever and already is in the pretend world where cheese crisps are books, and cups stacked on top of each other are ice cream cones. when we are at the store and we go down an isle she says, we are hiding! she is very creative and smart. i hope she holds on to that.
*********some phrases that my little 2 1/2 year old says that i dont want to forget:
{ i did already.
{what you doing?
{ why mom?
{ where you get it at?
{ whats that?
{thats so cute mom!
{ im a big girl
maybe in years to come i will read this list and will hear her little girl voice again.
addies currant favorite song from mamas music. favorite part... " SO not my baby, CRAZY, world, TWO!
i love you darlin! (addie would say back, "im not darlin, im Addie!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i made this sweet little crown today to add to the dress up clothes. i found the idea from this lovely lady. my grandma gave me boxes of fabric, vintage lace and other vintage notions. i found this lace in the bottom of the bag and knew it was meant to be a crown. i have been wanting to make more dress up clothes with all the treasured remnants and put them in a lovely box for my girls for this coming christmas. i am a bit weary about making clothes so dress ups will be good to practice on. i am excited for the sew along project. this time around the project is clothing and/or accessories. i have so much on my list in this category that i have wanted to do, a skirt for me, some for my girls(especially now that addie is potty trained, its easier to pull a skirt off!) a library tote bag ( i have something special in mind for this that includes humpty dumpty, addies fav!), and possibly my partners bend the rules sewing bag. hopefully in the next day or two i can order some fabric. i am getting quite antsy and wanting to get started.

************** my good friend julie had her baby! i cant wait to meet little oliver! and see his mama! there is something so wonderful and lovely about a new mommy and her newborn baby. hopefully i can get to the mountains next week to visit!

Monday, April 7, 2008

a slow afternoon

enjoying the afternoon in the backyard with my Callie. laying on a quilt with the sun on my back. all the colors of the flowers. swaying in the swing. soaking it all in.

that darn thing in her mouth!!!

orange blossoms are by far at the top of the favorite smell list.

a karate chop massage by masseuse helga (callie).

i need to take the time again to lay on my back and watch the clouds slowly move and change shape. i think this one looks like a bunny.

have a loverly week!