Monday, April 27, 2009

i think i fell off the face of the earth

my mom called me up to inform me its been a month since i have blogged. wow. enough said.
this pregnancy has really slowed me down, mentally, physically, emotionally. i go to bed very early. i am extremely nauseous all day, no matter what i eat or how many zofran i take. i have been hit with a stick that i will soon have 3 children and have come to realize that i need to get my act together and get organized, get house projects done, make dinners(seriously, i struggle), prepare family home evening, and so on and so forth.
i will blog more often, everyday, i cant commit to. but i will, i will, i will. i love it. and i love the memories it gives me. below are updates, (all the times i have picked up my camera, seriously, so sad.) i hope everyone hasn't given up on me. and will visit again. give me another chance!!! :)

i hear giggling downstairs and don't want to miss out on the fun.


girls with the bride, clarissa, their cousin

my niece got married this last weekend. i was excited for the reception because i knew my kids would love the music, cake, cousins, and of course the brides beautiful princess dress. it was beautiful weather and we loved being with family.

a few of the girl cousins. and when i mean a few, for reals, this is just a few. addie has 40 cousins on marks side, with 2 more on the way. talk about fun.

addie and grandpa higbee.

dancing with daddy.
i sure do love my family. this wedding for some reason, made me want so badly for my girls to make right choices in there life so that they, one day, will choose to be married in the temple. o how i want that for them. i love them so much.

lemonade for sale! ten dollars!!!

addie and her friend Riley had a lemonade stand at our garage sale this Saturday. Addie kept yelling, "lemonade for sale!! ten dollars!!!" i kept reminding her it was ten cents. :) silly girl. they were so cute with how serious they took there little business. but i quess they knew what they were doing, because they both came out with $5.00!

i just need to find more junk around my house to sell so she can have another lemonade stand! :)

easter sunday

girls in their easter dresses with new princess shoes the easter bunny brought. standing on mimis porch.

we went to mimi and papas house in Show Low for Easter. would you believe it snowed! ya. it did. we dyed eggs, went to church, hunted for eggs, and had a wonderful feast. i especially loved teaching addie about the Resurrection and what that word meant. and i was so proud to hear her talk about it and remember what it was. it was wonderful to celebrate the holiday, but more exciting for me that i have children that are at the age or learning and remembering things. it really helped me to remember the simple meaning of Easter more. we surely enjoyed being with family and feeling our saviors love.

sisters blowing bubbles

callie got them in her eyes. they were covered in soap. they ate and licked the soap off the stick, then spit it out, and laughed at eachother. they dumped it all over the porch. but they did it together, and they had fun. and i sprayed them off with the cold hose afterward. a simple event i dont want to forget.

the country in us

we were adventurous and traveled 2 hours to lake pleasant to see Lady Antebellum. we had a blast. and it was worth the long drive and wait to see them. still my favorite band as of late.

they had a great petting zoo there. best one we've seen so far. and come to find out, the owners reside here in queen creek. we spent a good hour in there, observing, combing and petting the animals. callie however did not like the baby goats (i thought they were pretty dang cute myself). they kept chewing on her shirt and pants. and they all kept following her around. she was their favorite i guess.

and addie, she LOVED the little baby bunnies. she held it the whole time, and wouldn't stop talking about it after we left. it really was sweet. (she also loved this casino advertised visor we won:) wouldn't take the thing off.:) )

boy do we love our country music and the country way of life.