Monday, April 27, 2009

the country in us

we were adventurous and traveled 2 hours to lake pleasant to see Lady Antebellum. we had a blast. and it was worth the long drive and wait to see them. still my favorite band as of late.

they had a great petting zoo there. best one we've seen so far. and come to find out, the owners reside here in queen creek. we spent a good hour in there, observing, combing and petting the animals. callie however did not like the baby goats (i thought they were pretty dang cute myself). they kept chewing on her shirt and pants. and they all kept following her around. she was their favorite i guess.

and addie, she LOVED the little baby bunnies. she held it the whole time, and wouldn't stop talking about it after we left. it really was sweet. (she also loved this casino advertised visor we won:) wouldn't take the thing off.:) )

boy do we love our country music and the country way of life.


Lexi said...

the girls look like they had fun on the ponies!

Taralee said...

Oh she needs a little bunny. I had one one when I was little. They are very easy to take care of...and don't bark or make big messes.
I wouldn't get a goat though- they are loud and eat EVERYTHING.
Glad you posted again.