Monday, April 27, 2009


girls with the bride, clarissa, their cousin

my niece got married this last weekend. i was excited for the reception because i knew my kids would love the music, cake, cousins, and of course the brides beautiful princess dress. it was beautiful weather and we loved being with family.

a few of the girl cousins. and when i mean a few, for reals, this is just a few. addie has 40 cousins on marks side, with 2 more on the way. talk about fun.

addie and grandpa higbee.

dancing with daddy.
i sure do love my family. this wedding for some reason, made me want so badly for my girls to make right choices in there life so that they, one day, will choose to be married in the temple. o how i want that for them. i love them so much.


Lexi said...

you got some great pictures at the wedding. they are amazing. i so wish I could have been there :( seriously, I am sad i couldn't be