Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HapPy HaLlowEeN!!!

since i want to pass candy out tonight, we went to a trunk r treat party last night.

if you cant tell.... mark and i are the farmers, addie is the chicken and callie is the egg!

we stole the farmer part from tatum!! :o)

on our way to the party my darling daughter stuck candy up her nose!!!

we had to pull over. thankfully i had a bobbypin in my purse(and the camera..ha). after about 5 or so min. of digging and screaming and holding her down we got it out! thank goodness!

it was Halloween candy, so we can call it BOOgers! :o) this girl of mine has a fasination with sticking things up her nose! not too long ago, we were eating lunch and she pulled a rock out of her nose! i dont know how long it was up there! hopefully she learned her leason that it will hurt if she sticks something up there again! oh the joys!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

wheres callie??

Wheres Callie??

Here She is!!!
she is always pulling the blanket up over her face when she sleeps! So cute! she always looks so comfy and warm! xoxo

Monday, October 29, 2007

InSpiRe mE!!!

Man i am on a posting frenzy! i just have so much to share!
i decided i am going to post somthing every Monday that ispires me. So here it is! I love this calander and the colors and the simpleness of it! May very well just have to get one!!! Very inspiring to me!!! :o)

HaLLoWeEn is around the corner!

the ghost i made

pumpkin candle!! yumm cant go without one of these!


mY GobLiN!! ( got into the chalk)

peek a BOO!!!
HappY MonDaY!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


We went to the zoo on Fri. Thanks mom for the tickets! It was a warm day, but worth the trip!Tatum and Kyle and their girls, Peyton and Chloe, went with us! Our girls had so much fun!

Gal Pals

Love the flamingos!

Tatum and Callie! So cute!

I love pumkin pictures! can ya tell??

daddy and his girls

Meant to be a COWGIRL!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snepf Farm

We had so much fun at Shnepf farm! Addie loved it! We cant wait for next year!!! So much fun! Enjoy!!

My precious
Callie O Mallie
(as i call her)!!!!

Addie loved this adorable little playhouse! Very fun! ( hint hint Mark)!!!! :o)

Addie got to ride this horse! She loved it! Which i was VERY suprised because she did not like the petting zoo and would not touch the goats! But.....

She will ride a horse!!!! ??????

She led us through the corn maze and would say... this way! and point the way!
This wore her out!

We road these pedal race cars. You pedal them like a bike and can stear. The track road around in and out of trees! Very fun! Glad i have a buff husband! He pedaled all 4 of us up and down hills!!!!


We have done alot of fun things lately. Sadly, we just changed to useing our desktop computer and not our laptop and i cant seen to figure out how to get our pics on this computer! uggg! but i will keep tryin! I have so much to do today. clean and grocery shop etc, etc. it never ends! well i am going to try and get these pics on here! i have O-SO much to share!!! xoxo

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi! my girls are asleep! mark just went to work so... i finally have time to blog! I LOVE FALL!!! i love pumpkin bread and cookies and pie! i love pumpkin candles. i love dressing my girls up for halloween. i love shnepf farm. and cool weather ( which we havent really had yet) and playing outside with addie at the park! i love sweaters... wish i could wear one! :o) i love the colors of fall... orange, brown,red, yellow! i luv everything about this time of year!