Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi! my girls are asleep! mark just went to work so... i finally have time to blog! I LOVE FALL!!! i love pumpkin bread and cookies and pie! i love pumpkin candles. i love dressing my girls up for halloween. i love shnepf farm. and cool weather ( which we havent really had yet) and playing outside with addie at the park! i love sweaters... wish i could wear one! :o) i love the colors of fall... orange, brown,red, yellow! i luv everything about this time of year!


The Broomall Family said...

Jessica! I'm so happy you are blogging! It's so nice to be able to keep in touch and I really like it a lot better than myspace! Anyhow! YOu need to put up some pics of your girls! I haven't seen Addie in forever and have NEVER seen Callie! That is so awesome you have 2 fun! Well, keep in touch!

tatum said...

Cute cute! Love the blog! Thanks for inviting us to the zoo today! We had a blast it just totally wiped us out being in that sun! We have so much fun with you two- actually you four! We will have to keep getting together- I always have such a good time and I LOVE that our girls are the same age!! It is AWESOME!!

The Van Fam said...

Hey Jess! Yaaaay! I am so happy that you posted on your blog! I love fall too! Hope you guys are doing good! Post some more pictures of the cute little girls!!! They are probably getting so big!!!