Tuesday, November 30, 2010

smith/walker thanksgiving 2010

the day after thanksgiving we traveled up to payson to my grandma and grandpas house. my moms side of the family were gathering there and decided to have it the day after so everyone could make it. the food was delish! and it was so good to see everyone. im sad to say i didnt get pictures of everyone. i was enjoying the conversation and relaxation.  but here are some i did get.......

such good food!

papa wrestling walker. but lets be honest, if you just pick him up, you are wrestling him. he is a crazy kid.

callie sitting on mimis lap, looking at great mimis apron.

the next day, all the girls went to see Tangled in 3D. it was SO good. i think i was more excited than the girls to see it. they keep telling me to say "rapunzel, rapunzel! let down your hair!" then they proceed to fling their hair all around. it was a great time indeed.

i cant believe that Thanksgiving is over, but Christmas is right around the corner and in full swing at our house. our tree is up. the lights are up. the girls have a bitty tree in their room.
it is wonderful and cozy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

higbee thanksgiving 2010

this is small glimpse of what family gatherings look like in the higbee home.
mark is the youngest of 10 kids and there are, i think, 60 some grand kids now.
ya, its pretty much the craziest, but funnest thing when everyone gets together.
we missed a Amy and Devin (marks sister) and Dave and Lexi (marks brother) this year. they were the only ones missing.

it was great to gather as a family and see
all love and joy that we share.

kristen, rachel, alexis, callie, maddie,savannah, addie and sarah down in the front.

walker and jason


cuddling my sleepy boy.

happy thanksgiving!

ps. we had 2 thanksgivings this year! more family time to share tomorrow.
o, and this was my first year to go black friday shopping! i scored on some awesome stuff! did you go? what did you end up grabbing?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


let the holiday boutiques, BEGIN!
i just got back from setting up my booth at the la-di-da boutique. it is a great boutique. 3 full days of pure loveliness!

welcome to my booth......

im so happy how it all turned out. i can now breath and be at ease that the preparation part is over and  the shopping begins tomorrow! so fun!

if you are local, here is the flyer for the boutique info. hope you can come! i got a sneak peak of all the wonderful items and let me tell ya, they are so great!

Monday, November 15, 2010

stinkin cute girl and some darn pretty stuff

so, my cute friend sarah wanted me to take a few pictures of addie in some of her amazing handmade headbands and hats for the boutique coming up. i was excited!.... because her stuff is AMAZING! she HAND SEWS the hats, and the details on her headbands are so pretty. 
addie was a doll. this first picture is my FAVORITE!

and here is one of hannah, sarahs daughter, in one of the prettiest headbands i ever did see.....

if you are local, all of sarahs items will be sold at the la-di-da boutique on thursday.
here is a link for more details....

Friday, November 12, 2010

park weather

we have finally hit cooler weather here in the desert. and that means, PARK TIME!
 we love going to the park and being outside. it is a highlight of our day.

this little lady has been mastering the monkey bars. she will do it over and over and over.

this other cute little gal of mine could swing till the sun went down.

and this little man of mine... he loves the slide. he will climb every stair to get to the tallest slide, lay on his belly and scoot his body, feet first, until he starts sliding down. without fail, he will have the biggest grin when he reaches the end .

my kids came into my room twice last night because they were cold, and i have been wearing a sweater and  slippers around the house. i even cooked dinner in my oven last night and my kitchen didnt  reach 100 degrees! now that is something to be happy about.

Monday, November 8, 2010

date night

me and my hubs got away for the night this weekend. it doesnt happen often, but it should. we were in serious need this week to be reconnected and have one on one time with no interruptions from the children. we had some great conversations with, like i said, no interruptions. i tried to forget about the kids at home and give my full attention to him. we soaked in the prettiest sunset while on our way to dinner. it was relaxing and quiet and so beautiful. i looked over at him and got those butterflies in my stomach, the same ones i felt while we were dating. dates are mandatory from now on! i came home with so much appreciation for him and our connection was retied.

i love this man.     he is so good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

my sleeping babes

im in a capture the moment, dont want to forget, sentimental kinda mood.
my babies are growing so fast. i know i will miss the chaotic but o so sweet bedtimes when they are gone.

i love you.
sleep tight.
dont let the bed bugs bite.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

give me some luvs

walkers been giving me hugs recently. he wraps his arms all the way around my neck and gives a little squeeze. im determined to teach him to give me kisses before he gets too old and thinks its gross to kiss his mom. he has the lip smacking part down... now if i could just get him to plant one of those smacks right on my cheek, i would be in heaven.

those moments of physical love, when he wraps his little arms around me, those are the moments that make this life worth living.

Monday, November 1, 2010

trick or treat!

this year for halloween i had a
dumbo,  princess belle,  and an orange monarch butterfly.
all 3 were as cute as could be.
see for yourself.

mark with the kids at our truck {im not a huge fan of trunk or treating... just for the record.
o, and that huge dent in our van, just disregard that and pretend like you didnt see it. :) i backed into a parked car... shhhhh}

my cute pregnant friend, sarah. she is a doll people! so talented i tell you what!

sarahs 2 youngest kids, weston (3 musketeer) and hannah (strawberry shortcake) with addie and callie.

addie and callie with their friend taya the ballerina.

until next year...

HaPPy HaLloWeEn!!