Monday, November 29, 2010

higbee thanksgiving 2010

this is small glimpse of what family gatherings look like in the higbee home.
mark is the youngest of 10 kids and there are, i think, 60 some grand kids now.
ya, its pretty much the craziest, but funnest thing when everyone gets together.
we missed a Amy and Devin (marks sister) and Dave and Lexi (marks brother) this year. they were the only ones missing.

it was great to gather as a family and see
all love and joy that we share.

kristen, rachel, alexis, callie, maddie,savannah, addie and sarah down in the front.

walker and jason


cuddling my sleepy boy.

happy thanksgiving!

ps. we had 2 thanksgivings this year! more family time to share tomorrow.
o, and this was my first year to go black friday shopping! i scored on some awesome stuff! did you go? what did you end up grabbing?


Chels said...

Love the huge gathering! We did ours with only my family this year, no grandparents or anything, just my parents and their kids... its still 19!

I'm so loving the Black Friday thing. I did well. And I didn't have chaos like others!

Cody and Danica said...

don't you just love thanksgiving. its a holiday with no expectations. no one is ever disappointed. we went black friday shopping as well. We bought games, movies and stuff we didn't need but hey, its only once a year, why not waste money? (Oh and of course cricut cartridges.)