Friday, October 30, 2009

grandmas porch

we really needed to get out of the house. grandma higbees house is fun and safe from flu germs, so there we headed. we picked a few ripe lemons and played with her toys. her house smelled of warm cookies, and the girls enjoyed one right out of the oven. it was cold, the way october should feel. it was a fun family outing to enjoy each other, and feel the comfort of grandmas house.

have a super scary halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

my labor story

Friday 7:30 pm
i sat down on the couch after putting the girls to bed. i started having contractions, which i normally had been having them at night when i let my body relax . so i didnt think much of it. they continued for a full hour and half and were less than 5 minutes apart. mark was pushing me that we needed to go to the hospital. but i was hesitant, not wanting them to send me home and it not being the real deal. finally, i gave in and we drove 30 min to the hospital.
9:00 pm
the nurse checked me and i was dialated to 5 cm. she put me on the monitors and we waited to see if i was progressing. all the while, im thinking, "this is so dumb, they are just going to send me home."
10:15 pm
the nurse had me walk the halls for 15 minutes. after which i was dialated to 6 cm. they decided to keep me. wow, this is the real deal, its going to be a long night!
12:00 am
i decided to get an epidural. i knew i would anyway, so i just wanted to get it before the pain got too bad.
1:00 am
epidural isnt working. nurses decided to give me a stronger boost.
2:00 am
i can still feel it! whats the problem?!
3:00 am
epidural still isnt working! we decide to redo it and get a second one. second one starts working right away, ahh relief.
4:00 am
im stuck at 7 cm, so they decide to start a pitocin drip.
try to get some rest, but cant. im too anxious and excited.
8:00 am
still dialated to 7 cm.
Dr. decides to break my water.
8:15 am
2nd epidural is wearing off. i can FEEL it!!! give me more and fast!
in pain, throw up, shaking, breathing, the worst pain ive ever felt.
9:30 am
they decide to give me a 1/2 dose of the epidural so im not in so much pain. but its nice, i can still feel pressure and when i need to push. lets get this baby out!
9:45 am
Dr. comes in. i start pushing.
10:02 am
our son is born!
they layed him on my chest and i was in love. i just stared at him. his nose, his puffy eyes. i put my finger in his hand and he held on tight. he had the highest pitch cry. he cried a lot. he was perfect. he was mine. my son. i soaked it all in. i looked at mark, he was teary eyed. mark kissed me. i just couldnt take my eyes off of that baby. that baby was inside me?! he is here!
it was an amazing experience. and i really cant wait to do it all over again.:)
we took him home monday morning. the girls were so excited. because of the flu going around, they weren't allowing kids into the hospital to visit. so coming home was amazing, all of us together, reunited.
addie just wanted to hold him, and never let go. callie kept asking where her (his) passy was, and insisted he needed it.

this is a classic. callie realizing the "doll" can move and makes noises. and addie wondering what in the world that black thing is on his belly button.

oh we love our little man, he is home and we are just loving him up.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

let me back up....

we were able to have some good quality family time before walker arrived. trips to the park and lazy days at home were just what we needed to get connected with the girls before the big change. we were also able to visit Schnepf Farms, one of our favorite places to visit when October rolls around. we spent the whole day there. it puts us in the fall mood, since we don't really see a change in colors or weather. we love it!

cant wait till next year!

what the sunrise brings.

our mornings are spent on mommies bed.
nursing, holding, cuddling, smelling, talking to, loving, enjoying,
our little man.

still workin on the the story:)

Monday, October 26, 2009

meet my son....

Walker Reed Higbee
born on
Sat. October 24 at 10:02 am.
8 lbs. 4 oz.
2o in. long

we are in love.
i will share the story soon.
im off to take a nap.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a bummer

addie had her first primary program today, and i missed it.

im still sick.

i was so sad.

i felt so bad that i wouldn't be there to cheer her on. mark texted me from church (i know, we are so bad) during the program and said, "o! addie saw me when she stood up to sing. she got a big smile and waved. i'm so proud of her." at that moment my heart was so happy. but i was so jealous he got to enjoy that moment without me. but i'm so glad he was able to go and she was able to go. i had her sing her favorite song for me when she got home.

she is so beautiful, her smile is so sweet, i love her more than i can say.

Friday, October 16, 2009

i can sing the low notes

we have been sick in our house this week. today it hit us super hard. callie has had a 100 + fever for the past 3 days. we have cold, cough, headache symptoms. i took callie to the doctor today and he didn't come out and say , "yes, you have swine flu". but he pretty much said we have swine flu. right now, I'm trying to listen to my body. make sure my cough doesn't get too bad. a little worried but just being careful and taking it easy, which is super hard with two little ones. we brought up the coloring books to mamas bed so i can rest and they can be entertained.

this one of course has to be silly. we talked about what color baby brother will like (pink) and about coloring in the lines. i read a teeny tiny bit of my book. we are getting a little stir crazy, but i guess its getting us ready to stay home with our little man on the way.

hope you all stay healthy. loves.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

today i played chicken little

i ground the wheat and made some bread. it didn't quite turn out as i wanted, never does. every time i make it, i tell myself never again. its not worth the time, the mess and the the wasting of precious wheat flour. but i always try it again. one of these days i will get it right and it will be perfect, until then, its just making my house smell good.:)

my helper.

baby brother bump


playing in the flour

monkey bread, flat but yummy(maybe because its covered in butter and cinnamon and sugar!)
made a good lunch.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

for now, they are mine

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how she writes her name

Saturday, October 10, 2009

36 weeks,

went to the doc this week. it is still a boy, yay! he is currently 5 lbs. 14 oz. (what addie weighed when she was born). i am 2 cm dialated. we will see what these next few weeks have in store for us.

i had a baby shower, thrown by my fab friend, jessica. she did an awesome job and i have such generous family and friends. i washed all the little clothes. they are folded in the closet just waiting for him. there are a few things i still need to get, a bassinet sheet and some baby gowns. but other than that, we are good to go.

im having a hard time sleeping and getting comfortable sitting. im slow and waddle when i walk, im at the home stretch. right now im trying to focus on keeping my house picked up, spending time with the girls, trying to get as much sleep as possible, finish up halloween costumes. basically keeping my mind busy so i dont think about the baby too much, it makes me anxious and stressed if i think about it too much. just taking it day by day. but i am looking forward to the newborn stage. i think i will enjoy it and savor it a little more, knowing how fast it goes by. i cant wait to smell that newborn smell and hold his little body.
i will savor up those moments.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

grandmas house

yesterday we met my mom in payson (halfway for both of us, and my grandma and grandpa live there). it was to celebrate my moms birthday,,, shhhh, shes 48! it also was nice to spend a day
in wonderful cool weather, i was actually cold and i wish that i had a sweater. it was nice just to go down for the day, since baby brother could come anytime. it was a perfect break and change in scenery before the arrival. we had soup and sandwiches, played at the park, did some antiquing and had us some cake and ice cream. our daddy even got to come on the little journey with us.

my grandma and grandpa share such a sweet love. my grandpa always opens the door for my grandma, still. he never leaves, even when going for a walk, without giving my grandma a kiss.

she could swing all day, if my feet and belly allowed it.

happy birthday mimi! we enjoyed this day with you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

things i love at the moment

*these adorable mini pumpkin pies over at bakerella. making these!

*baby boy clothes. loving the dwell line at target. and everything at gap, of course.

*lockets. this one is by whimsical treasures.

*the baby in my tummy that's about to join our family.
my belly is way larger than this now. way!
photos by ashley madsen.

soule mamas fall pictures. so lovely. wish i could enjoy that kind of fall experience.

*these prints by studio mela. already purchased one from her shop to put in my girls room. will share later:)

*everything mia joie has to offer. including all of these insanely cute shoes!
*these bookplates that i just purchased from oiseaux. I'm going to put them in some books i bought the girls for Christmas.

sliced oranges,
going to the park,
opening my windows,
cant get enough.