Wednesday, October 7, 2009

grandmas house

yesterday we met my mom in payson (halfway for both of us, and my grandma and grandpa live there). it was to celebrate my moms birthday,,, shhhh, shes 48! it also was nice to spend a day
in wonderful cool weather, i was actually cold and i wish that i had a sweater. it was nice just to go down for the day, since baby brother could come anytime. it was a perfect break and change in scenery before the arrival. we had soup and sandwiches, played at the park, did some antiquing and had us some cake and ice cream. our daddy even got to come on the little journey with us.

my grandma and grandpa share such a sweet love. my grandpa always opens the door for my grandma, still. he never leaves, even when going for a walk, without giving my grandma a kiss.

she could swing all day, if my feet and belly allowed it.

happy birthday mimi! we enjoyed this day with you!

5 comments: said...

Hi, I'm a blogger and just love looking at your blog, you have such a unique style and wonderful, fun, and creative ideas. I came across your site through Erin's blog. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me adding you to my blog list? I understand if you don't want to. Just leave a comment on my blog or yours if its ok. Thanks alot. Lani

Mom said...

Thank you Jess, for yesterday! What a treat to spend time with you and the girls. It Was a wonderful day. I didn't want it to end. I guess it's ok to get older as long as I keep getting beautiful grandchildren :)
xoxo mom

just messing said...

Jess, I just love reading your blog! Your girls are sooooo cute and you are just so talented creative. Just thought I should let ya know. I have a blog, but nothing on it yet. Hopefully someday if i can ever learn how to set it up and take more pictures often, I maybe will be able to use it and someday be bloggin buddies. hehe I love you guys!

Jessica said...

so who is "just messing" ?
just curious:) cant figure out who it is!

just messing said...

haha sorry. That would be clarissa. im still learning how it works didnt realize that would be the name that showed up.