Sunday, October 18, 2009

a bummer

addie had her first primary program today, and i missed it.

im still sick.

i was so sad.

i felt so bad that i wouldn't be there to cheer her on. mark texted me from church (i know, we are so bad) during the program and said, "o! addie saw me when she stood up to sing. she got a big smile and waved. i'm so proud of her." at that moment my heart was so happy. but i was so jealous he got to enjoy that moment without me. but i'm so glad he was able to go and she was able to go. i had her sing her favorite song for me when she got home.

she is so beautiful, her smile is so sweet, i love her more than i can say.


shay said...

such a sweet voice, such a great song, and such a cute outfit! sorry you missed that moment! hey, i'm ready for your giveaway if you are up for it being this preggo! email me and let me know!

lej619 said...

O that is a bummer!
She is really cute/pretty!! if it had been me, I would of probable tryed to tape it on my phone. LOL
continue to get better!
love this blog.

Ashley said...

That was a cute video! You sound so sick though - sad!! I would be so sad if I missed the kids' first program (its at the end of November) so my heart goes out to you! I hope you get better soon!!

Julz said...

That literally brought tears to my eyes. It's so wonderful to be a parent! I love watching them grow up, and to see how extremely close these special spirits are to the gospel. I can't wait until we come down! hearing my friends voice makes me so sad I can't see her on a regular basis.By the way Addie is so dang cute she reminds me of what Jennifer Aniston's little girl would look like. She's a Bute! Luv Ya Hess, I hope you feel better soon, Like baby out of belly soon;)

Dallas and Natalie Turley said...

So sweet! She even paused for the piano parts:) She's so talented!!

Hope you feel better!!