Friday, October 30, 2009

grandmas porch

we really needed to get out of the house. grandma higbees house is fun and safe from flu germs, so there we headed. we picked a few ripe lemons and played with her toys. her house smelled of warm cookies, and the girls enjoyed one right out of the oven. it was cold, the way october should feel. it was a fun family outing to enjoy each other, and feel the comfort of grandmas house.

have a super scary halloween!


The Van Fam said...

your little boy is so precious jessica. nothing sweeter that a sleeping newborn. looks like such a fun relaxing afternoon.

shay said...

those target sweaters are so cute! i've been waiting for them to go on sale bc i just can't resist!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your new little addition! He looks darling. And Walker is just a fantastic name.