Sunday, January 31, 2010


the man of the house spent our weekend building the chicks (not so much anymore) a fine house. a fine job he did indeed! its not quite done. after the work week we will work on having it trimmed and perfect.

they are growing everyday, just like my wee little ones.

i am so happy to have them out of the garage.

im sure they are just as excited.
that 3 x 2 ft tote bucket wouldnt hold them much longer.

everyone, but myself, came down with a rotten cold overnight.
we missed church.
i spent the day making homemade chicken soup and rolls that will hopefully help cure them.
i have been taking airborne shots every two hours and drinking oj like crazy.
so far so good.
i just want my family to stay healthy.
no more sickies around here.
cheers to a good week!
weekly goal:
keep working out.
last week was hard. but i did it.
i worked out 4 days.
i can already feel a difference.
and i like it.
i need to keep it up!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

in love

this kid is killing me. i cant stop loving on him today.

his tubby widdle arms and legs.
his blue eyes.

his crazy hair.

his grins and coos and grunts.

the way he kicks his legs so fast when he gets excited.

when he hears my voice from across the room and starts smiling.

i cant keep my lips off him.

he is so yummy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

looking back

addie swinging in campsite + june 2008

daddy and callie in flagstaff + february 2008

girls in the backyard + april 2008

weeks goals:
take vitamins,
drink more water,

Friday, January 22, 2010

let me introduce you,

can you tell we let the girls pick out the names of our chickens???

pearl, licorice, kipper, sandy, tiger and hopscotch.

now you've met the ladies.

( well, hope they are ladies!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

he is so debonair.....

walker was blessed a few weeks ago.

he is just the cutest little thing.

i cant get enough!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

because i love stationary so so much.

i love stationary. cards. tags. envelopes.
i made my own.

i have a pen pal.
a dear friend from high school.
she is waiting for a letter from me.

i think i will address it like so,
Dear Bosom Friend,

(because we are bosom friends and we both love Anne of Green Gables)

i will tell her how much i miss her and how i wish we could enjoy a nice cold cup of chocolate milk...

just like old times.

wouldn't it be so neat to send her a letter on this stationary...


i think she would like it.

and so would i.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

boy blocks

these blocks are so adorable and perfect for shower gifts and birthdays. they were super easy to make. here's how.

wooden blocks, i found some at a craft store, but if you know someone who has a saw you could buy wood at home depot and have your saw friend cut it for you. im sure it would be much cheaper. it would just take some extra time. im a fast results kinda girl so i bought them at the craft store. they were about $1.00 a block.

i have some vintage childrens books that i have found at goodwill. i keep them to cut up and use the adorable images for things like tags or gift wrapping. i found some images i liked, place the blocks over the image and traced around the block. then i cut about 1/4 inches inside my line so that the wood shows around the picture when you glue it on. (im not very good at directions, am i?)

then i glued the images on with hodge podge. i brushed a layer of podge on the block, placed the image on the adhesive and then brushed another layer on top of the picture. after i let it set i went back and used another layer of podge over the whole block, for good measure. i used a foam brush so there were no lines afterward. when it was all said and done, the thought came to me that it probably would have been smarter to use a non toxic adhesive. next time i guess.
but for now they look adorable on my little mans dresser.

have fun!

Monday, January 18, 2010

a new week, a new goal.

mobile upload of Walker and mommy at the park

last weeks goal was a success. i woke up everyday, except saturday and sunday, at 6 am.
it felt great to achieve that goal!
this weeks goal.....
spend more quality time with my kids.
get on the ground with them, play, become a child myself. i've found that after i had Walker, there are a lot more demands around the house. more things are taking my attention away from my kids and i need to focus on them more often. they are so precious to me and i cant imagine life without them here with me.
so, ideas for the week...
go to the park more
take walks to the mailbox
make valentines
play games
have a planned family home evening
sit on the porch swing and talk
go to the craft store and pick out a kid friendly project
less tv and computer
more pondering, talking, singing, pretending, laughing, teaching, enjoying
cheers to a good week!

Friday, January 15, 2010

we got chicks!

we got our little chicks a little sooner than we thought we would. they are so cute and cuddly.

the girls LOVE them. i was shocked. especially callie. she will go right over and pick them up.
we are loving them!

i can just picture the lovey eggs in a big bowl in the fridge.

and jolly ol walker with his pants unbuttoned.
just for comfort you know.
he was busting out of these 6 month sized pants.
but how can this not be the cutest kid ever! :)
we love our chickies!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

happy things to share

we will be eating broccoli and carrots from our garden soon. im also excited to get started on planning our spring and summer garden. i have high hopes. we may even be adding another plot for an extra full crop.

chicken coop plans.
we may be getting chicks this weekend.
we want to get started right away so we can enjoy those fresh eggs as soon as possible.

ive already started creating lovelies for a spring boutique. i have alot of new and pretty things in mind....
necklaces, little guy ties, vintage plate cake stands, and of course earrings, bobbies, & rings.

just a few of the happy things swirling around in my head.


saturday morning breakfast

a dunkin donuts recently opened down the road from us. and every time we drive by the girls always ask if we can buy some dounts. well in all honesty they yell from the back seat at the top of their lungs, "Donuts! we want donuts!!!" so polite, i know!

but i dont blame them! i mean, who doesnt love a good donut every now and then? but they cost a pretty penny and are packed with plenty of calories.

so i couldnt help but make these for the family when i came across this recipe using ready to use biscuit dough,

1 glazed donut is 220 calories while
1 biscuit (equal to 1 donut and 1 donut ball)
is 50 calories.

these really came together incredibly fast! and how clever of them to use a medicine cup to cut the middle out, it worked out great!
we lightly (ahem) dusted our donuts with powdered sugar
and some with cinnamon and sugar.

but how did we rate them?

thumbs up by both girls, and daddy. they loved them! i couldnt get them off the stove fast enough. i will defiantly be making these again.
it was the perfect "special saturday morning breakfast".

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i saw the sun rise.

i have a hard time with resolutions. im one of the people who, in the past, have set high goals for the year, and then totally forget about them come February. so..... this year, i have decided to make weekly goals, little ones. this weeks goal...... waking up at 6 am before the children. i did it awhile back and it lasted a week. but it was so nice. i was able to awake, get showered and dressed, check and respond to all emails and maybe get the dishwasher unloaded before the girls woke up. when they woke up, i was able to give them my full attention, we were able to get errands done in the morning and make it back home in time for lunch. so, im attempting again to wake up at 6 am every morning this week, and hopefully make it a habit. so far its been a bit bumpy. yesterday, i was so downright tired and crabby. today, the girls woke up at 6:20, giving me only 20 min. yesterday i opened up my bedroom window to watch the sun rise. it was beautiful. it was a quiet moment for me. and that moment gave me the motivation to keep this up! do any of you arise before your kids? how has it helped you? what do you like about it?

my little etsy name showed up here! check it out! (im such a proud mommy:))

Sunday, January 3, 2010

i hope it stays chilly for a while longer, because i sure do love bundling up.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a winter wonderland