Tuesday, January 19, 2010

boy blocks

these blocks are so adorable and perfect for shower gifts and birthdays. they were super easy to make. here's how.

wooden blocks, i found some at a craft store, but if you know someone who has a saw you could buy wood at home depot and have your saw friend cut it for you. im sure it would be much cheaper. it would just take some extra time. im a fast results kinda girl so i bought them at the craft store. they were about $1.00 a block.

i have some vintage childrens books that i have found at goodwill. i keep them to cut up and use the adorable images for things like tags or gift wrapping. i found some images i liked, place the blocks over the image and traced around the block. then i cut about 1/4 inches inside my line so that the wood shows around the picture when you glue it on. (im not very good at directions, am i?)

then i glued the images on with hodge podge. i brushed a layer of podge on the block, placed the image on the adhesive and then brushed another layer on top of the picture. after i let it set i went back and used another layer of podge over the whole block, for good measure. i used a foam brush so there were no lines afterward. when it was all said and done, the thought came to me that it probably would have been smarter to use a non toxic adhesive. next time i guess.
but for now they look adorable on my little mans dresser.

have fun!


Fullerton Family said...

Hey, I linked to your One Tablespoon blog from my blog, I hope you don't mind!

Beth said...

I love those! I will have to make some soon. They make cute room decor! You are so cute.

Britney said...

fun! love love love the airplane too!

Lexi said...

i love these blocks... my boys have an airplane theme in their room... i should look around for some vintage pictures to add blocks like these to their dresser

andrea said...

I've seen these a lot with photos too. Candace did them at our enrichment, very cute.