Saturday, July 30, 2011

.a day away.

i was talking to my mom one night and randomly asked her if she wanted to meet up in payson the next day for a fun short day trip.

we are getting pretty antsy during these summer days. its so hot and we haven't gone outside much. we stay at home, watch netflix and chill inside our cozy air conditioned home.
but we are getting cabin fever. i needed this day SO bad.
my husband has been working a lot of overtime and i needed a little relief.
 this is what we saw when we rolled into the cooler weather of payson...rain clouds. i was in heaven!

my grandma and grandpa live in payson. we met up and hit up a few shops and had lunch and then went to their home to relax and enjoy each others company.

i put walker down for a nap and we sat on the porch for a good 2 hours just breathing in the cool air and feeling the mists of rain. it was fabulous!

+ grandma and grandpa smith +

i loved this trip. i will carry memories of this day with me for awhile i think.

Monday, July 25, 2011

.the story of our kitty.

we got a kitten! her name is katy.
the girls named her after callies stuffed build a bear cat. i have always disliked cats. i hated the way their bony bodies rub up against my leg and after watching marks mom be attacked by their cat Salem (go figure), i have been terrified of them.
we now own one, and here is the story.....

this saturday i dropped the girls off at a birthday party and on the way home saw a sign for a yard sale. i thought i would stop, it looked like they had some little girls clothes. i walked up and saw a sign that said free kittens.  so i asked to see them and before i knew it i was holding this adorable part siamese kitten and falling in love.  all of my fears had left me and i was already attached to this small creature.
mark has been getting on me that our kids need a pet and for now, a dog is out of the question. but a cute little cat that the girls can snuggle with and hold and that purrs in the corner... i can maybe do that. so they put her in a box and i drove away thinking i had lost my mind! i have a cat in my car!
 i went inside the house and had mark guess what was in the box. he guess dog. i said no. he guessed cat. i said ye and he didnt believe me until i opened the lid and showed her to him. he was in shock.
we surprised the girls when i picked them up from the party and they were SOOO excited! callies excitement has worn off because of her sharp nails, but i think that will change once we get them clipped. walker just want to hold her all. the. time. he thinks he is so big and awesome.
as for me, i adore her.  she hasn't peed or pooed anywhere but in her little box and hasn't cried at night.
i think we found our family pet.

welcome to our home katy. you make it a little more cozy around here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

.happy sunday to you.

:: walker talking to me on the phone wearing his pioneer(pilgrim) hat he colored in nursery at church ::

Friday, July 22, 2011

.i want.

i am reminiscing and wanting so badly to be back in the mountains this weekend. its the 24th of july weekend, which means all the pioneer celebrations, corn festival, and rodeo are going on. its a great time, wish we could be there.
here are some mountain moments i can dwell on......

dinner table.

found a friend.

parade waiting.

tree climbing.


getting to know.

swingin through the trees.

running to the car through huge rain downpour.

mimi and papas new playground in their own backyard.

driving through storm.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo booth. Callie 4 years.

last but not least, callies 4 year old photo booth pictures. it is a tradition in our family that we get photo booth pictures taken on every birthday. i love it!

and for fun, here is her last year turning 3.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.the people at the party.

the birthday girl, CALLIE!

taya, addie, maria & peyton.

valarie & emily.

walker, gage & garrett.

callie & chloe.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

callies rainbow birthday party!

we hopped on the rainbow bandwagon. i just couldn't help myself with all of the fab rainbow ideas out there for parties. callie helped me pick things out, shop and make things. she was in love with it all! she just stood at the table and starred at all the rainbow goodness before the guests arrived.

bowls of gumballs, runts, bazooka gum, and skittles to scoop and put into the little bags that callie decorated.

chocolate covered mallows dipped in sprinkles.

rainbow slush. this was one of my favorite things about the party, close to the cupcakes. it was really fun!

i am a lover of rainbows now, do you blame me?!!!
i had so much fun with this party.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

callie turns 4!

callie turned 4 yesterday!

i can hardly believe it!
this girl is special to our family. it just wouldnt be the same without her. i adore her ( and all of my children ). i think she is the cutest callie i know. she lights up my world.
some things about callie:
first, she loves books! you all knew that i think. she cant get enough.
she loves the color blue right now.
she loves to paint.
she has sensitive soul and doesnt like getting in trouble.
she loves her sister and they giggle and fight alot.
she likes to dress herself.
she gets bloody noses often.
she doesnt like vegetables but loves green smoothies and strawberries are her fav fruit.
she is a wiggle worm!
i call her my little dove because she is so fair with such blonde hair.
she is in our family. ( addie typed this out)

we love you little dove!
happy birthday to you!