Thursday, July 14, 2011

.grandma walkers cold pops.

i remember 3 distinct treats my grandma would have ready for us when we visited, cold pops, cinnamon
gum and tootsie rolls. well, my grandma always had treats of all different kinds, but these stand out to me.
we made cold pops while in the great mountains and the kids thought they were the BEST! addie announced to me that we have GOT to get the recipe! i quickly informed her that we indeed DO have the recipe and it is hanging on our wall in the kitchen at home, framed, and in my grandmas handwriting, along with a few of her other famous desserts.

you can make different variations of this cold treat. one of the classics are orange and cherry. just follow the directions above and use orange or cherry jello and koolaid. you can play around with it and make up your own. i made raspberry lemonade with raspberry jello and lemonade koolaid. you could also try grape or watermelon.


pour the liquid mixture into a dixie cup and freeze.
another thing....... we ALWAYS eat ours with a melon baller. its a must. no spoon aloud. thats just the way we always ate them.

you really ought to try them... your kids will be screamin for more!


Britney said...

oh my goodness that just brought back a flood of memories...and that mellon baller...i have almost bought one multiple times for JUST this purpose, even though i didn't even have the recipe. can i get a scan of those recipes sometime? i miss seeing grandma's handwriting