Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.the 4th of July parade, 2011.

we had a smashing july 4th! mark wasnt able to celebrate with us which was a bummer but we had fun nonetheless. we parked our chairs next to some fun people, my bestie julie and her family.
it was warm but the kids had a ball gathering candy and waving to all the floaties. i love this holiday!

walker, cousin ellery, callie, addie

walker and cousin ayla

my daddio and grandpa.



walker and gramps walker.


my brother kevins m c hammer float. hes the dude with the orange hat.

me and julz

my brother kyle with addie



Beth said...

We missed you guys today in art class! Are you still in the mountains?? I wouldn't leave either.

Heather said...

i love small town events like that! looks like it was tons of fun. your kids are adorable!