Monday, July 25, 2011

.the story of our kitty.

we got a kitten! her name is katy.
the girls named her after callies stuffed build a bear cat. i have always disliked cats. i hated the way their bony bodies rub up against my leg and after watching marks mom be attacked by their cat Salem (go figure), i have been terrified of them.
we now own one, and here is the story.....

this saturday i dropped the girls off at a birthday party and on the way home saw a sign for a yard sale. i thought i would stop, it looked like they had some little girls clothes. i walked up and saw a sign that said free kittens.  so i asked to see them and before i knew it i was holding this adorable part siamese kitten and falling in love.  all of my fears had left me and i was already attached to this small creature.
mark has been getting on me that our kids need a pet and for now, a dog is out of the question. but a cute little cat that the girls can snuggle with and hold and that purrs in the corner... i can maybe do that. so they put her in a box and i drove away thinking i had lost my mind! i have a cat in my car!
 i went inside the house and had mark guess what was in the box. he guess dog. i said no. he guessed cat. i said ye and he didnt believe me until i opened the lid and showed her to him. he was in shock.
we surprised the girls when i picked them up from the party and they were SOOO excited! callies excitement has worn off because of her sharp nails, but i think that will change once we get them clipped. walker just want to hold her all. the. time. he thinks he is so big and awesome.
as for me, i adore her.  she hasn't peed or pooed anywhere but in her little box and hasn't cried at night.
i think we found our family pet.

welcome to our home katy. you make it a little more cozy around here.