Friday, March 27, 2009

spring brings us new life

our garden is sprouting! we are all so proud, especially Addie. she gets her shoes on and checks it every morning in her jammies to see how much everything has grown. it is such an exciting thing to see the sprouts coming up. such a relief and joy.
we used the Square Foot Gardening method (we bought this book and i recommend it to you if you are thinking of doing it this way)and are very pleased with how easy it was. i was shocked at the amount we could fit in our little box.

we planted squash, peas, white onions, scallions, lettuce, spinach, basil, jalapenos, banana peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers, dill, cilantro, and a few sunflowers for the girls. this season will be good for salsa:) i cant wait to try other things in the seasons to come.
next year we are planning to build another box and do more squash, and some watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins, maybe some potatoes.
a little trick also that i didnt plan for, is to plant garlic by your tomatoes. it will keep the bugs away. you just get a bulb of garlic and plant one of the bulbs. double +, the bugs stay away and you get garlic.:)

i cant help but think of the new life i am carrying when i see all these new sprouts. its amazing how it all works. spring has brought us new life.
just because. a picture of callies silly face.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

for the beauty of the earth

i went to my mom and dads for a few days this week. to visit and to enjoy the mountain air. there is nothing like breathing in cool mountain air. it is where i belong. we went on the rim walk. its a mile long trail that follows part of the Mogollon Rim. my parents would take me there all the time growing up as a kid. we would play on the red rocks, hopping from one to the other. it is wonderful to share what i experienced as a child, with my own children.

we would always stop at the bridges, there are maybe 3 of them, and play what we call "pooh sticks". it comes from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons. this is how the game goes: you find a stick, one you like best and one you think is the winning stick. you all stand on the edge of the bridge, like addie is. on the count of three you all throw your sticks in at the same time. then you run to the other side of the bridge, and who evers stick comes down the stream first, wins. simple, but so entertaining to a little one.

this visit made me long to go camping, and for future summer visits to my moms, and once again happy to breath in fresh air.

Friday, March 20, 2009


i have had a dry spell for sewing. havent done it in a long time. boy does it feel good though to create something. Addies little friend had a birthday so i made her this kidlet.
it is one of JCasas many free tutorials.
you can hang it on your little ones door.
fill it with books, toys, softies.
have them carry it around the house for quick clean up time. or take it in the car on long trips and
fill some car activities and goodies.
the front pocket is perfect for all their little
treasures or board books.

i want to make 2 for my girls to hang
at the end of the bed.:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

yes, i am pregnant :)

thank you for all your congratulations.
i am six weeks along, close to seven. (everyday counts right)
i am due november 6th.
i am feeling so so. very nauseous. same thing happened with my girls, i kinda expected it. i got a prescription so lets hope that helps. i am tired but that is to expected as well. i have never had a miscarriage so i am nervous.
i told the world i was pregnant because, well, i dont keep secrets very well, and i knew RIGHT away. all the signs showed. i was nauseous, craving pickles(strange) , tired, irritable, and the obvious sign of course. also a lot of people have been mentioning to me when we think the next one will be and so on, and it was hard to lie and say, ummm i dont know.
boy or girl? i think its funny how everyone brought up me having a boy:). honestly, i really would love another girl. i am used to the girl thing, i have everything. i dont know what i would do with a boy. i dont know how i would handle the whole spiderman, rambunctious, boy thing. :) silly i know, but i would LOVE to have another girl. of course if its a boy, i wont be disappointed and sad. i will be happy and excited for a different way of life. and yes, mark would love a boy, of course.:) he was kinda bummed that the Chinese calender said it would be a girl:) silly him. silly calender.
im going to go grab me a fizzy drink(non caffinated) and pop a zofran(nausea pill)
thank you again for your happy words.

item of the week, and...........................

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im pregnant:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

pretty little corner

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i went on a date :)

it doesnt happen as often as it should. and for that reason,
i was so excited!
we enjoyed some delicious mexican food.
i mostly at rice and chips and salsa, yummy.
i went to the bathroom without anyone in the stall with me,
and little hands didnt open the door before i got my pants up.:)
we walked outside in the san tan mall. we held hands.
we watched people.
we ended up in barnes and noble. o, i could spend hours in there!
it smells so good.
i ended up in the children books,
i made a list in my mind of books to look for on amazon.
i strolled over to the craft section, my second fav, and treated my eyes to some inspiration.
i added more books to my ever growing list.
these were some that caught my eye,,,
and Amanda Soules new book, Handmade Home.
it was a lovely afternoon and we
ended it all with an ice cream cone.
p.s. i will be doing a "item of the week" in my shop. starting every monday, one item will be for sale at a very low $2.50. limited supplies, so check there on monday for a new item.:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my girls on a fluffy down bed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

item of the week!!

coral blossom earring
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

we have all been a bit under the weather recently.
do excuse our absence.
we will be back shortly.

Monday, March 2, 2009

soil,,, check.

addie and her silly faces, she is always making silly faces.
mark has been working hard and mixing all this dirt together in a wheel barrow and then dumping it in the planter. long, hard work.
the car said it was 86 degrees today. i went to the farmers market and i couldnt resist to buy a watermelon. which gave me the idea that i might even try to plant a watermelon in my garden. :)

little miss buck. :) she is sooo crabby. wow. all day it has been whining, crying and tantrums. you would never believe me with these pictures, but no joke, she is a monster. but o so sweet. i do love her, even when she blows my eardrums out. :)

i have felt a lot of accomplishment with my etsy shop recently. 79 sales so far! :) that makes me very happy. i never would have thought i would have that many. :)
i am planning on having a BIG shop update soon, this week or next. i will keep you updated. you wont want to miss it! :)
another accomplishment, this is my #402 post!! wow! it feels so good to know i have kept a small record of our life. with people i love and things that make me happy. i love to look back and see all that has changed and remember special events.
happy spring!