Thursday, March 12, 2009

i went on a date :)

it doesnt happen as often as it should. and for that reason,
i was so excited!
we enjoyed some delicious mexican food.
i mostly at rice and chips and salsa, yummy.
i went to the bathroom without anyone in the stall with me,
and little hands didnt open the door before i got my pants up.:)
we walked outside in the san tan mall. we held hands.
we watched people.
we ended up in barnes and noble. o, i could spend hours in there!
it smells so good.
i ended up in the children books,
i made a list in my mind of books to look for on amazon.
i strolled over to the craft section, my second fav, and treated my eyes to some inspiration.
i added more books to my ever growing list.
these were some that caught my eye,,,
and Amanda Soules new book, Handmade Home.
it was a lovely afternoon and we
ended it all with an ice cream cone.
p.s. i will be doing a "item of the week" in my shop. starting every monday, one item will be for sale at a very low $2.50. limited supplies, so check there on monday for a new item.:)


Lindsey said...

How exciting, I love going on that long awaiting date. And what a great place to end up in the book store.

Yep, Rose top from Forever 21. Isn't it romantic. I completely wear it too much but who cares!

If you have more fat quarter sets I would love one!!! Special listing sounds great!

Ashley Madsen said...

I love this post! And that you set your camera down to get a picture! How fun for you to have a nice break.

The Bates said...

Good for you guys! I am glad you had fun.

Beth said...

How fun! I love the pics you took. Jared and I know how it is when we finally get to go out. . . it is much needed! Sorry I missed you guys today. I have a nasty ear infection. :(

Lexi said...

I love that picture, and we went to the san tan mall while we were out there too. Barnes and Nobel was my favorite! There are several books I added to my list. I can't get them until I finisht the Work and the Glory lol

crazyray said...

glad u had fun!