Thursday, March 26, 2009

for the beauty of the earth

i went to my mom and dads for a few days this week. to visit and to enjoy the mountain air. there is nothing like breathing in cool mountain air. it is where i belong. we went on the rim walk. its a mile long trail that follows part of the Mogollon Rim. my parents would take me there all the time growing up as a kid. we would play on the red rocks, hopping from one to the other. it is wonderful to share what i experienced as a child, with my own children.

we would always stop at the bridges, there are maybe 3 of them, and play what we call "pooh sticks". it comes from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons. this is how the game goes: you find a stick, one you like best and one you think is the winning stick. you all stand on the edge of the bridge, like addie is. on the count of three you all throw your sticks in at the same time. then you run to the other side of the bridge, and who evers stick comes down the stream first, wins. simple, but so entertaining to a little one.

this visit made me long to go camping, and for future summer visits to my moms, and once again happy to breath in fresh air.


Lexi said...

i love when you post pictures of the mountains, they are always so cool and serene! I love it!

Tatum said...

Looks beautiful there! I love hearing about your getaways to the mountains.