Monday, March 2, 2009

soil,,, check.

addie and her silly faces, she is always making silly faces.
mark has been working hard and mixing all this dirt together in a wheel barrow and then dumping it in the planter. long, hard work.
the car said it was 86 degrees today. i went to the farmers market and i couldnt resist to buy a watermelon. which gave me the idea that i might even try to plant a watermelon in my garden. :)

little miss buck. :) she is sooo crabby. wow. all day it has been whining, crying and tantrums. you would never believe me with these pictures, but no joke, she is a monster. but o so sweet. i do love her, even when she blows my eardrums out. :)

i have felt a lot of accomplishment with my etsy shop recently. 79 sales so far! :) that makes me very happy. i never would have thought i would have that many. :)
i am planning on having a BIG shop update soon, this week or next. i will keep you updated. you wont want to miss it! :)
another accomplishment, this is my #402 post!! wow! it feels so good to know i have kept a small record of our life. with people i love and things that make me happy. i love to look back and see all that has changed and remember special events.
happy spring!


The Bates said...

Oh your girls are adorable! I am jealous of your garden. I really can't wait to have one!

Beth said...

Way to go guys, that will be so fun when for you to see as it grows! I can't wait to have our own garden!!

andrea said...

So cute! Love the photos, and the garden! Once we get in a house I hope to have a garden here too....hopefully we'll have a nice shady spot for it! Good luck!