Wednesday, June 30, 2010

our potty break & some random things floating in my brain.

{ picture via mobile phone}

:::i am so relieved to be in here in the mountains. we took a little pit stop and soaked in the view. the air was fresh and smelled of rain and was approx. 62 degrees. heaven! i was telling mark on the phone today, i think my brain is mixed up. i am so happy when its cloudy and raining. i love bad weather, its great! and when i go back home, where its hot and sunny, im going to be grouchy again. usually people are happiest in the sunshine. not me. :)

:::my honey is meeting us today here at my parents house. cant wait to see his face. he has been away for work and i miss him.

::::we are going to meet the newest addition to my brothers family tonight and i cant wait!

::::i went to walmart today and saw about 100 people i know. that doesnt happen where i live. it kinda made me uncomfortable. i dont know if i liked it so much.

::::im off to get my wii dance on!
ta ta!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

saturday night concert at the mall





{pictures via mobile phone}

we had some shopping to do at the mall on saturday night and stopped outside with 300 elderly people, in the scorching heat to enjoy the concert they have every weekend. the girls danced their little hearts out! they did not want to leave! o, to be young again!

**in other news, we are packing our bags and headed to the mountains to enjoy monsoon weather and small town 4th of July celebrations. im SO excited! im also going to be at the Pretty Britty Boutique on friday and saturday in Show Low for all you localers!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

an interview with callie


who is your best friend?
(Gage, her neighbor friend)

what is your favorite dinner?
what is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
"go to costco."


what is your favorite fruit?
what do you want to be when you grow up?
"a mommy"


what scares you?

whats your favorite game?

"hi ho cherry o!"

purple or pink ?


whats your favorite book?

(thinking for a very long time.....)

"whinnie the pooh... but i like a lot of books."

what makes you happy?


whats your favorite number?



o callie o mallie.... you are sweet!
addies interview here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



when this kid isnt crying, well,,,, he's crying. its been a ruff few weeks. he doesnt want to eat baby food. he doesnt want to be put down. he wants to be held. and when i pick him up, he throws his body back down to the ground. he is in constant cry mode. not sure if its his teeth, another ear infection, separation anxiety, or just plain ol crabbiness.

one thing i do know for sure is a way to make him happy ...
water, a bath.
as soon as i turn the water on he goes CR-AZ-Y! bezerk! nuts!
he loves it.


but i can only sit on the toilet (lid closed mind you) for so long, watching his every move.
my other two children are left to a free house to roam.....scary.
lets pray it will be a happier day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

late summer nights


these summer days are long. early sunrise, late sunset. and it is hot, really hot. we stay indoors most of the day. we make it out to water the flowers, or take an occasional store stop, but other than that, inside the house. occasionally, when the sun goes down at night and it cools off a bit, we venture to the back yard and enjoy the change of scenery.




it is much needed. the children can run and shake off the wiggles. i can sit on my swing and relax and watch my kids.
its wonderful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

preschool graduation (late posting due to summer fun)

Addie was o so excited to "graduate".
she LOVED every second of preschool.

she became besties with all these kids. some more than others... aka, BOYS!

so long preschool, hello world!

(i dont think im ready for this)

Friday, June 18, 2010

im back from the woods


:::walker mesmerized by the sprinkler. he really just wanted to play and chew on the hose.:::

im back!

ive been at Camp Lomia for our Stake Girls Camp. i was paired up with some amazing ladies and we were put in charge of the day program activities. so much work, but so so fun! i had an absolute blast. i havent laughed so hard in a long time! we have such an amazing young womens presidency. they went over the top! seriously, nothing like ive ever seen! i wont go on and on about it because i could go on and on for an hour.... im just so greatful i was able to play a part in such an amazing event. ive been vegging for the past few days recovering from late nights and early mornings. im relieved to move on and work on other projects that have been on my mind for the past few months.
so, hello again! have a wonderful weekend. stay cool. see you monday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

music to my ears


we wheeled this 1911 beauty through our front door a few days ago. addie told me it felt like christmas. i spent an hour with the girls that night on that bench plunking out tunes, trying to remember some of the songs i once played on the piano that was in my childhood home. it looked awfully similar to this one.


i have pulled out our hymn book
and played (right hand only) song after song. o i love it.


the couple that we got it from told us a little bit about it. they said when they were living in seattle, a elderly lady friend gave it to them. she didnt have room to store it anymore. the piano was passed down through the old ladies family for years and she learned how to play on it when she was a little girl.


i love this piano. i wonder what songs it has played and what songs it hasnt.
i love music flowing through our home. i love watching the girls stare at the keys while i play and begging me to sing along. i cant wait for the kids to learn. will they be interested? or not so much? time will tell.

Monday, June 7, 2010



the little lady on the right has a hard time sleeping at night. she gets up multiple times complaining that she cant sleep. and who knows, maybe she just doesn't want to go to bed yet. but i remember when i was younger and couldn't sleep for the life of me. it is the pitts. so, i try to help her our a little and try to get her body to relax and rest. i give her a hug and a kiss and lay her flat on her back. i put her arms on her belly and tell her to take big, deep breaths. then i rub her face gently and tell her a little story. the other night, it went something like this....

imagine you were sitting under a big apple tree, eating the biggest, juiciest, reddest apple. the grass is tall all around you, and the wind is blowing through your hair. the sun is warm and the clouds are fluffy. and all of a sudden a giant bluebird flies over head. she has a smile on her face. and before you know it, the bird swoops down and picks you up on her back and takes you for a ride. she says hello and is the friendliest, prettiest bird you've ever seen. she takes you up high in the air, over the apple tree and into the clouds. the clouds are round and full , like cotton candy. the bird then stops. and drops you off at one of the clouds, you lay down and it is the most comfy thing you have ever felt. it is soft as silk. then you wonder if it tastes like cotton candy... so you taste it. and yep!, it tastes just like the pink kind you like so much. soon you notice a rainbow. you reach toward it and touch it, and candy pops out. candy that is all the colors of the rainbow. you start to get tired from your adventure. so you sink down slowly and rest your head. soon your drift off to sleep right there on the cloud. the sun is warm, the cloud is soft. and you sleep.
i love you. good night.

and just like that, she is relaxed and sleeping in dream land.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

good morning.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fresh eggs

our chickens are laying eggs. well, we are pretty sure only one chicken is laying.
the white one, pearl.
mark caught her in the nesting box doing her thing. :)
hopefully, the others will follow her lead so i dont have to buy them from the store anymore.
im so excited to feed my family fresh eggs,
thank you hens!