Tuesday, June 29, 2010

saturday night concert at the mall





{pictures via mobile phone}

we had some shopping to do at the mall on saturday night and stopped outside with 300 elderly people, in the scorching heat to enjoy the concert they have every weekend. the girls danced their little hearts out! they did not want to leave! o, to be young again!

**in other news, we are packing our bags and headed to the mountains to enjoy monsoon weather and small town 4th of July celebrations. im SO excited! im also going to be at the Pretty Britty Boutique on friday and saturday in Show Low for all you localers!


Chels said...

We also are headed to a small town 4th! I love the little town 4th of July, they are so much more patriotic! I love that everyone in the town comes out, all greeting eachother! Where do you go? We go to Kanab, my hometown.

The Weights said...

So fun! We usually go to Heber, but decided not to this year. I am going to miss the small town celebrations. And I wish I was going so I could go the boutique. Brittaney is my friend, and is in my ward. I know there will be lots of cute stuff there! oh and I still love my headbands I got from you. I get compliments every time I wear them.