Wednesday, June 23, 2010



when this kid isnt crying, well,,,, he's crying. its been a ruff few weeks. he doesnt want to eat baby food. he doesnt want to be put down. he wants to be held. and when i pick him up, he throws his body back down to the ground. he is in constant cry mode. not sure if its his teeth, another ear infection, separation anxiety, or just plain ol crabbiness.

one thing i do know for sure is a way to make him happy ...
water, a bath.
as soon as i turn the water on he goes CR-AZ-Y! bezerk! nuts!
he loves it.


but i can only sit on the toilet (lid closed mind you) for so long, watching his every move.
my other two children are left to a free house to roam.....scary.
lets pray it will be a happier day.


Chels said...

That is my Rin too! She FREAKS if she even thinks she might get a bath! She leans in, she screams out of joy, we must have raised water babies!

Beth said...

that is rough. sounds like teething to me- but who knows. good luck! I hope he feels better soon!