Wednesday, June 9, 2010

music to my ears


we wheeled this 1911 beauty through our front door a few days ago. addie told me it felt like christmas. i spent an hour with the girls that night on that bench plunking out tunes, trying to remember some of the songs i once played on the piano that was in my childhood home. it looked awfully similar to this one.


i have pulled out our hymn book
and played (right hand only) song after song. o i love it.


the couple that we got it from told us a little bit about it. they said when they were living in seattle, a elderly lady friend gave it to them. she didnt have room to store it anymore. the piano was passed down through the old ladies family for years and she learned how to play on it when she was a little girl.


i love this piano. i wonder what songs it has played and what songs it hasnt.
i love music flowing through our home. i love watching the girls stare at the keys while i play and begging me to sing along. i cant wait for the kids to learn. will they be interested? or not so much? time will tell.


mimi2five said...

I love your new piano Jess!!! And how sweet to see the girls sitting together on that little bench. It will bring hours of pleasure to your whole family! I have no doubt that your children will be playing and loving it for years to come. You need to practice with that left hand. . . it will come back to you!! :) xoxo mom

Chels said...

we had a piano...I loved it so much.
No one played it, and I was too busy to pic up playing again, there are many days I wish I would have just kept it... I really loved it. Pianos are so beautiful, and they really have a traditional grace about them, this one is beautiful! Enjoy!

Julz said...

I am so excited for you and your little family to have such a wonderful instrument come into your home. A house is not a home until there is a piano in it. It's beautiful Hess good pick. Miss ya Luv ya, tata

Tatum said...

Oh it's beautiful!! Peyton asks me every single day if we can buy a piano. I say we have no room. I am sure your girls will LOVE it!!

Laura said...

I love your piano! We just got one too! I LOVE the style of yours. Your kids are so darn cute!

Lexi said...

so fun, it is beautiful too!