Wednesday, September 7, 2011

addies birthday. the family party.

im finally getting around to posting the rest of addies birthday bash. its been a little crazy round these parts.
so here we go.....

she was so excited!

 she requested noodles for her birthday dinner. this girl is a carb lover. so i made pasta and homemade cheesy bread just for her.

this girl holds a special place in my heart. i will love her for all my days.
every day we all wait for her to come home. we all want her around.

addie with a birthday balloon in her mouth with momma before church.

ADDIES birthday photo booth picture.
happy birthday boo! we love you!

Monday, August 29, 2011

.hello 70 degrees.

we ran away from this blazing arizona heat and headed north.
my friend julie had a baby shower for her upcoming little girl, so it made for a good excuse to say adios to the heat.
we enjoyed our short little trip this weekend,
 a lot!

1. mimis flower garden
2. addie on an evening walk
3. roasting mallows in the backyard.
4. walker bathing in the sink.
5. me.
6. walker all gussied up for church.
7. breathing fresh air and enjoying every second of it.
8. pretties in the yard.
9. washing hair.
10. getting eaten alive by mosquito's but not even caring. we were just so excited to be outside.
12. callie
13. heave ho!
14. my besties (julie) baby bump at her fun shower.

Monday, August 22, 2011

addie turns 6!

Addie turned 6.
it was an even year for her so that meant she got a friend party. she wanted a glam/makeover/spa party.
so like her. she is so girly. so i had some friends over to help me glam up the girls. they did the make up and hair and i did some glitter toes. they played wii dance and colored some hello kitty pages. then we opened presents and had a light picnic lunch in the living room with dessert. so sad i didnt get a picture of the dessert, but she chose to have tiny ice cream sundaes. it was really fun and low key. the girls were so well behaved and we all had a good time.

there were different kinds of sandwiches to choose from and strawberries.
addies portrait by beth allen.

goodie bags.

all of the guests... minus one.
it was sooo hard for her to choose the guests. she has so many friends. i had to cut her off at 10 people.

sarah, callie, taya, addie, vallery, cat, haylee, laycee, maria, and missing karsyn.

we love this gal a lot. we had a fun weekend celebrating her.
to be continued.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.the sound of silence.

im having mixed emotions about the girls being in school.

what i like:
: having a schedule.
: no fighting! with addie in school most of the day, there is hardly any fighting! pure bliss!
:  i can get a lot done!
: the excitement and happiness in my children's eyes when they get to go to school and when they accomplish and learn something new.
: did i mention no fighting and that it is quiet! huge.

what i dont like:
: being pressed for time in the morning.
: i miss my girls.
: i hate that saturday and sunday are the only days i really have with my kids.
: that my children are under everyone elses influence and i have no clue whats being said or done and cant do anything about it.

callie at the playplace

addie playing pretend in a box 
this change of schedules has stirred up our groove around here. but im sure we will get back to normal and all will be well.
today im not really sure what to do with myself. i have a lot i could and should, exercising, planning addies party, paint my scary looking nails, work on boutique products and so on.
but i really just want to sit, be still, breathe, read, and play.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

.tippity tap.

tap dancing in the kitchen with your jammies on.
nothing better.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.callies turn.

callie started preschool! so i have 2 school going girls. insane i tell you!
she was sooo excited.
she wants to do everything like her big sister, so going to school topped everything off!

callie and her amazing teacher, mrs. brianne.
mrs. brianne is one awesome lady! i seriously look up to this gal.
im SO glad callie can be in her class. she is special.

we love you little miss!
stay little, ok!? no more growing up, promise?
 and always give your mama kisses.
i love you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

1st day of 1st grade!

this pretty little lady started 1st grade today!

 she was all excitement and no nerves. we made her lunch, and a yummy filling breakfast,  got dressed with time to spare. i was more at ease than i thought i would be, mainly because i know she is SO excited and will do so well. when we got into the car she buckled up and said, "lets do this"!
 she is ready!

she will be on my mind all day today.
i cant wait to hear all about it when i pick her up.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

.iPhone photos.

Date night @ cheesecake factory.

Bubs got his hairs trimmed.

Kitten on a stack of fabric.

Girls at art class.

Recycled tiny jelly jars into salt and pepper shakers.

New fabirc silhouettes.

Callie fell asleep on the couch.

Did you know it's good luck to get the indian on your tootsie pop wrapper!? It is!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

.a day away.

i was talking to my mom one night and randomly asked her if she wanted to meet up in payson the next day for a fun short day trip.

we are getting pretty antsy during these summer days. its so hot and we haven't gone outside much. we stay at home, watch netflix and chill inside our cozy air conditioned home.
but we are getting cabin fever. i needed this day SO bad.
my husband has been working a lot of overtime and i needed a little relief.
 this is what we saw when we rolled into the cooler weather of payson...rain clouds. i was in heaven!

my grandma and grandpa live in payson. we met up and hit up a few shops and had lunch and then went to their home to relax and enjoy each others company.

i put walker down for a nap and we sat on the porch for a good 2 hours just breathing in the cool air and feeling the mists of rain. it was fabulous!

+ grandma and grandpa smith +

i loved this trip. i will carry memories of this day with me for awhile i think.

Monday, July 25, 2011

.the story of our kitty.

we got a kitten! her name is katy.
the girls named her after callies stuffed build a bear cat. i have always disliked cats. i hated the way their bony bodies rub up against my leg and after watching marks mom be attacked by their cat Salem (go figure), i have been terrified of them.
we now own one, and here is the story.....

this saturday i dropped the girls off at a birthday party and on the way home saw a sign for a yard sale. i thought i would stop, it looked like they had some little girls clothes. i walked up and saw a sign that said free kittens.  so i asked to see them and before i knew it i was holding this adorable part siamese kitten and falling in love.  all of my fears had left me and i was already attached to this small creature.
mark has been getting on me that our kids need a pet and for now, a dog is out of the question. but a cute little cat that the girls can snuggle with and hold and that purrs in the corner... i can maybe do that. so they put her in a box and i drove away thinking i had lost my mind! i have a cat in my car!
 i went inside the house and had mark guess what was in the box. he guess dog. i said no. he guessed cat. i said ye and he didnt believe me until i opened the lid and showed her to him. he was in shock.
we surprised the girls when i picked them up from the party and they were SOOO excited! callies excitement has worn off because of her sharp nails, but i think that will change once we get them clipped. walker just want to hold her all. the. time. he thinks he is so big and awesome.
as for me, i adore her.  she hasn't peed or pooed anywhere but in her little box and hasn't cried at night.
i think we found our family pet.

welcome to our home katy. you make it a little more cozy around here.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

.happy sunday to you.

:: walker talking to me on the phone wearing his pioneer(pilgrim) hat he colored in nursery at church ::