Monday, August 8, 2011

1st day of 1st grade!

this pretty little lady started 1st grade today!

 she was all excitement and no nerves. we made her lunch, and a yummy filling breakfast,  got dressed with time to spare. i was more at ease than i thought i would be, mainly because i know she is SO excited and will do so well. when we got into the car she buckled up and said, "lets do this"!
 she is ready!

she will be on my mind all day today.
i cant wait to hear all about it when i pick her up.


ashley b said...

she looks adorable! it's so weird that we have kids old enough to be in school all day! i hope you guys can all survive the day without her! :)

Heather said...

She is so dang cute! i love how excited she is! love her hair and outfit, pretty girl.