Monday, August 29, 2011

.hello 70 degrees.

we ran away from this blazing arizona heat and headed north.
my friend julie had a baby shower for her upcoming little girl, so it made for a good excuse to say adios to the heat.
we enjoyed our short little trip this weekend,
 a lot!

1. mimis flower garden
2. addie on an evening walk
3. roasting mallows in the backyard.
4. walker bathing in the sink.
5. me.
6. walker all gussied up for church.
7. breathing fresh air and enjoying every second of it.
8. pretties in the yard.
9. washing hair.
10. getting eaten alive by mosquito's but not even caring. we were just so excited to be outside.
12. callie
13. heave ho!
14. my besties (julie) baby bump at her fun shower.