Saturday, February 28, 2009

a tea party

we were invited to the most wonderful tea party by this lovely hostess. she greeted us wearing a lovely handmade dress made of thrifted vintage fabrics, amazing. she had an apron tied around her waist and there was great old fashioned music playing in the background. i thought i had gone back in time to the 40s. it was wonderful!

we gathered out back for some tea and chatting. the girls enjoyed sweet treats and lemonade under a shady tree. i imagined this is probably how they gathered way back when. is was so relaxing and such a beautiful sight.

thank you Beth, for such a wonderful time and an relaxing,
beautiful afternoon. see more of our tea party and more of the lovely beth at her blog,

a shopping spree or a photo shoot....

do you need either of these?
Ashley Madsen is doing a fabulous giveaway to win either
a 20$ gift card to JCrew or a FREE photo shoot!
he photos are gorgeous!
i am hoping i get the photo shoot!
head over to her blog, ,to enter,
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thanks ashley!

Friday, February 27, 2009

where the garden will reside

mark and his dad worked on this planter on monday and tuesday. his dad showed him the ropes of masonry work, working with the concrete and laying the brick. he did such a good job. i am so proud of him. we need to stain it and get the soil ready. hopefully by next week we can plant.

this has really motivated me. i cant wait to see it overflowing with green plants.(im not going to get my hopes up)

the little "helpers" fell over in the wheelbarrow. it seems it didnt bother them any, they hopped right back in to pretend they were pirates at sea.

are you planting a garden this year? you should!! even if its a little basil in a planter box, lets do it together! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

goulashes and my thoughts

i love that word:) goulashes. it sounds happy. we pulled ours out, even though it wasnt rainy. the kids tromped through our unmaintained yard. i sat on the porch swing breathing in cooler, non suffocating air.

i thought about planting some new flowers in the beds. this picture reminds me i am a busy mother with busy kids.

the girls picked the barely blooming flowers. they always bring them to me. i love it when they do that. i feel special. loved.

i thought about where the perfect spot for our garden would be. i hope i chose the right spot.

going along with that, i tried to learn a little bit on square foot gardening. i am so excited and nervous about starting a garden. i do NOT have a green thumb. but i have to remember that i cant get any better if i don't try.i have grown up with the influence of gardening, my grandma is a master gardner and my mother always had a successful and large garden every year. my mother in law now is very knowledgeable about planting and has a beautiful garden herself. they have encouraged me and taught me a little about getting stared. i feel like i can be good at it and enjoy it if i give it a shot, we will see. i cant wait to get my hands in that dirt and show my children where squash and lettuce come from.

i thought about how i love having time with my kids. how lucky i am to be their mother and that i am able to stay at home with them. and no matter how hard mothering is, i am so glad i get to do it. everything i do is for them. they are joys. i am learning to savor every moment.

enjoy your monday.

a few videos

addies thoughts on how a girls life is suppose to be.....

this puts me at much ease!!, knowing she has the whole married, baby thing in the right order. :)

and here is callie, my poor teething callie. not herself recently. the passie is her lifeline.

p.s. for records sake, callie just learned how to climb out of her crib. i thought we weren't even close to that event happening. oh joy, joy, joy. i guess this means i get to go furniture shopping to find callie a bed and put the girls in the same room. right hun?, right? :)

to pull your daughters whispy hair out of her face

i can custom make them for you.
whatever fabric you have seen on my blog, i can make one out of it.
or tell me what colors you like and trust me that you will love it.
i can also embroider their initial on it. so adorable.
callie was wearing one in the previous post.
just $3.50 a pair.
contact me if you are interested.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some pictures of callie, because she is beautiful and i just couldnt stop snapping my camera

Saturday, February 14, 2009

our valentines dinner

my valentine to my lover was a steak dinner (i never buy steak, so it was a treat for him). we had some jazzy louis armstrong playing on pandora. have i ever mentioned how much i love louis? :)

mark had a giant steak, just for him.

it was a dreamy night, even though we didnt go out, and mark had to leave for work.

but being surrounded by my family at home was much better than going out.

o how i love that man.

Friday, February 13, 2009

red and pink

we had a pre -Valentine celebration at the park with some friends, because we love our friends!

and we love cupcakes,

and we love to be outside,

and we love to ride little trains,

and we love priceless faces from sweet girls,

and we love blurry pictures of girls having fun,

LOVE from us

to you.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

be mine

i love this holiday about love. the colors, the treats, the romance. i think it is especially fun with children. the parties the outfits, the passing out of valentines. LOVE! we made our valentines late, hopefully they will get to all of our loved ones on time.

addie came up with the "we think your sweet" phrase, which i thought was very fitting.

and she signed her name with an A, in red pen.

we will ride to the mailbox on our bikes this afternoon and pop them in the little slot. on valentines day, we will deliver the ones that are in riding distance.


to the two winners,

random number 14, pumpkin petunia, was chosen for the ring!

and random number 11, taralee , for the earrings!

girls, email me your address asap and i will send your lovely little packages to your home. mhig36(at)yahoo(dot)com.

thank you everyone for your participation. :)
i am home from our short spur of the moment trip. :)

loves to all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a giveaway people!!!

because i have been a lousy blogger, i want to give two of you loverly ladies something pretty from my shop!

one will be sent,
a retro style adjustable ring in white,

the other will be sent,
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leave me a comment and tell me about something you LOVE (in honor or valentines). two people will be randomly selected on Thursday the 12th.
post about this giveaway on your blog and/or facebook and get extra spots in the giveaway, just be sure to leave another comment on my blog that you did so. (if you posted on your blog and facebook, leave 2 separate comments letting me know about each) make sense?

i am also hoping to have a shop update with more earring styles and colors by next week!


Monday, February 2, 2009

vintage items, to satisfy the vintage lover,

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