Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a few videos

addies thoughts on how a girls life is suppose to be.....

this puts me at much ease!!, knowing she has the whole married, baby thing in the right order. :)

and here is callie, my poor teething callie. not herself recently. the passie is her lifeline.

p.s. for records sake, callie just learned how to climb out of her crib. i thought we weren't even close to that event happening. oh joy, joy, joy. i guess this means i get to go furniture shopping to find callie a bed and put the girls in the same room. right hun?, right? :)


Ashley Madsen said...

My favorite is when Addie is trying to get Callie to talk too. It's so funny! Also, at least Addie know she has to go to school before she's married too!

What is idea for a giveaway on my blog... any suggestions?

Julz said...

That Addie! I want to squeeze her, She is so Stinkin Smart!! Tell her we said HI please. Poor Callie:( Give her a kiss for us. Luv ya Hess hope you are doing well.

tatum said...

Oh I just love those girls! Addie's got it down! Student, marriage, baby. You shouldn't have any problems with her.

Poor Callie. She is still such a little sweetheart.