Saturday, February 14, 2009

our valentines dinner

my valentine to my lover was a steak dinner (i never buy steak, so it was a treat for him). we had some jazzy louis armstrong playing on pandora. have i ever mentioned how much i love louis? :)

mark had a giant steak, just for him.

it was a dreamy night, even though we didnt go out, and mark had to leave for work.

but being surrounded by my family at home was much better than going out.

o how i love that man.


Ashley said...

It all looks very gorgeous and yummy! Looks like you had a great day! Valentines was pretty much canceled around here, with the huge belly, the contractions and lack of 'desire' ;) to do anything special.

Thank you for the Valentine! We think you're sweet too! The kids were SO excited to get mail just for them!

Beth said...

Very cute, I love the hearts hanging down from the light. Cute little family! We'll have to plan a get together for another day. What days are best for you??

Erin said...

This Valentine's dinner is so cute. I need to start going all out for holidays. Did you get my email about the pictures? I didn't get a new camera, but I did start using Gimp editing more. Have you heard of it? It's like the free photoshop.

tatum said...

You are so creative. I admire how you always make a big deal out of holidays. Looks delicious!

The Godoy's said...

I love love love your seriously!!! you amaze me!!!! you are so talented!!!!thanks for sharing:) I am so excited about next week!