Tuesday, August 31, 2010

nursing children back to health

i wish i could put this vase of flowers in my house somewhere to brighten the gloomy feeling we have lurking.
 callie and walker are sick, sick. addie has been going to school with NO signs or symptoms of the nasty bug. thank heavens. lets hope it stays that way. life is on hold. ive been changing and washing soiled bedding. the washroom is piled high. the disinfectant is on the counter as well as easy accessible hand soap. ive been preparing jello, broth, chicken noodle soup with star noodles, toast, popcicles, and gatorade. but nothing stays down. i brought the rocking chair down from walkers room and we have been watching movie after movie, max and ruby, chip and dale, donald duck, curious george, over and over. callie is confined to the sheet covered couch, although she does pretty good about making it to the bathroom when needed. she is a trooper. she fades in and out of sleep, their stomachs are sinking in and they are pale, shaking and weak. im hoping its almost over. i, so far, have not gotten it. whew! lets all knock on wood to keep things that way. hopefully i will be back with good news that this has all passed. until then, loves!

my new online friend chelsea is doing a giveaway on her blog to win something from my shop! she is a gem! head over and get your name on the list to win. you will adore her site, she is a beautiful mother with cute kids and fun happenings. im so glad we have "met". thanks chelsea! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

more pictures of cute walker... i couldnt resist

Sunday, August 29, 2010


waker playing at the bookshelf in the girls room.....

walker playing at the bookshelf in the girls room 4.6 seconds later......

i love you son!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

turning 5 celebrations :: part 2

we were so lucky to have family come for the day. they dont come very often, so it was a real treat.
we all went to the mall to do the annual candy store / photo booth experience.

these pictures are my favorite part of a birthday!

the girls played in the pool. then quickly put on comfy clothes to open presents. to say addie was excited is an understatement. it was like christmas morning!

walker eating wrapping paper : ellery : addie : callie

papa modeling addies new headband and her squinkies toy. the girls LOVE this toy. they have been playing with it for days... non stop.

i made her some new clothes to dress her dollies up in. and she got the just dance wii game (she is a huge fan!)

pin wheel cupcakes with sprinkles.
with a little blue bell ice cream on the side. :)

make a wish!

everyone in my kitchen. i need a bigger table i think! mark and auntie faith taking care of the babes in the back.

walker and daddy.

it was a fun day!
we luv you lots and lots!

Monday, August 23, 2010

turning 5 celebrations :: part one

my little lady is 5!
she awoke to a a surprise, a pink scooter. ( her and sis are going to have a ball at the parks on their scooters this fall when it cools down.)

she couldnt even turn around to show me her thumbs up. she was riding that thing all around!

wind blowing through her hair in the morning sun, she was in her own little world.

she requested pancakes with caramel syrup,
blueberries on the side and smoothies.

addie, how old are you again???


Saturday, August 21, 2010

addie turned 5 years old today!

addie, i love you. i will always love you. you are one special girl, and im so glad you are in our family.
we had a great day today. i looked at you today, and watched you play. i thought to myself that you have only been on this earth 5 short years, but you know so much. you have so much faith and trust. you are growing right before my eyes. im so proud of you. you are such a great helper to me, around the house & with walker and callie. i hope that we can always be close. i want you to know i will always be there for you. i want you to know you are so loved. i am always cheering you on.

i read the passage in my journal about when you were born. here is a little part of what i wrote:

Thursday September 8, 2005

Addie Leeann was born on August 21st 2005 at 12:43 pm!

"...........all i remember is hearing her cry and they put her on my chest. All the noise was tuned out. I didnt hear a thing. She was beautiful! I kissed her on the head and the tears poured. My heart pounded. they took her across the room and I starred at Mark. His eyes teared up and he kissed me. It was a special moment, we had a family. She was perfect!............."

you are perfect addie. just the way you are. i love everything about you that makes you you.
Happy Birthday my big girl!
i love you, a bushel and  a peck.
hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chair makeover.

i had a good hit at goodwill the other day. i found this chair for $10.00. i have been looking for a chair to put in my entry. my front room is a slow work in progress. i loved this chair. the spindles on the top, the lines and curves, the legs. it was sturdy and functional, the only thing was that the paint was peeling, the plastic seat didnt belong on this beautiful chair and there were dog bite marks on the legs. i bought it!

i sanded it down one evening and gave it a good painting. i covered it up with some leftover fabric from my curtains (still work in progress) and it was as good as new.

here is before:

and after :

those are my curtains draped there on the bench. i need to hang those awesome square tins i found... work in progress i tell you. :)

 now let me ask all ya'll for some advise.
just fyi, i still need to paint my walls. seeing my curtains, do you have any suggestions? paint scares me.
and i found this awesome buffet that is in my entry, at first, when i bought it i wanted to paint it. im not too fond of the gold around the edges. but now that its home, i dont want to/dont have time to paint the thing. should i , or shouldnt i.??? im painting the mirror a deep red. and of course when that is done i can get to finding awesome vintage accessories to go atop the buffet and piano.

so, give me advise. im up for ANY input!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

boy : [n.] a noise with dirt on it

this boy of mine. he is all boy. there is no denying it. he is dirty. he is loud. he is rambunctious. he is messy. he is loud.... o i already said that.

and he loves the toilet. seriously the best toy in his eyes. he books it when he notices if the door is even cracked open a tiny bit.

the best part is that my girls have a problem with remembering to flush the toilet.
splashing in pee and wet toilet paper up to your elbows is awesome.

but he is darned cute i tell ya!

Monday, August 16, 2010

first day of school

addie was up at 6 am with her uniform on and ready for school! we had pancakes for breakfast (callie wanted waffles, hence the grumpy face), addie ate one bite and was complaining that her tummy hurt. nerves i suppose. understandable. we finished getting ready, had a family prayer and it was off to school!

she thinks her teacher is so nice.
she had P.E. class today.
she has so many friends from church in her class.
she loved it!

i held her little hand for as long as she would let me while we waited.
she even told me she would miss me. :)

i really didnt have a hard time when i left. (well, i did go peek through the window one last time...
 just to make sure).
the one thing that kept me from worrying too much is that i know she will LOVE it. she loves learning. she is so smart. i know she will excel and thrive.
love you addie bo batty.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


ive been quite neglectful of my little blog/journal. my energy has been spent else where. but i dont feel bad about it and have come realize that its ok to not blog everyday. (even if i would like to). i always have envisioned this blog as my journal, and sometimes, journals dont get written in every day.
so what have i been up to? ive been busy. here is a list of things that come and are on my mind :
+ addie is starting school on monday. we have gotten all of her supplies and uniforms and she is ready. she is going to be using the same back pack as last year. no biggie to me. it still has some miles left in it.
+ ive been assisting at the dentist every now and again. just a day here and there, when the other assistant is sick or cant go in. mark is able to be with the kids. i will probably start working a saturday or two each month.
+ ive been clipping a lot of coupons and saving a lot of money. this makes me feel happy.
+ there has been plenty of late night sewing and home projects going on around here. ive made dresses for the girls, working on curtains for my family room and kitchen, sewing more and more ties for a boutique in sept, painted and recovered a chair, & mark made me 3 frames from crown molding that i love! we just need to paint our walls so i can start putting things up!
+ of course ive been with the children, going to the library, feeding them ( i feel like i feed kids all day long! anyone else?) , & trying to find things to do inside to avoid this heat.

hopefully i can find the blogging/journal inspiration i need. do you ever feel like sometimes you have so much information to jot down and other times you are blank?
goodbye for now. not too long. pinky promise.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

more mountain bliss

the girls were getting bored one afternoon while at mimi and papas.
we filled up the pool and let them play.
papa came out and saw what fun they were having, so he went inside, put on his suit and splashed with them.
they loved it! they sprayed him and dumped water on his head.
they laughed and laughed, he was a good sport.

then the clouds rolled in and it began to rain.
we dried the kids off and sat outside and enjoyed the one of many rainshowers.

im homesick.