Monday, August 16, 2010

first day of school

addie was up at 6 am with her uniform on and ready for school! we had pancakes for breakfast (callie wanted waffles, hence the grumpy face), addie ate one bite and was complaining that her tummy hurt. nerves i suppose. understandable. we finished getting ready, had a family prayer and it was off to school!

she thinks her teacher is so nice.
she had P.E. class today.
she has so many friends from church in her class.
she loved it!

i held her little hand for as long as she would let me while we waited.
she even told me she would miss me. :)

i really didnt have a hard time when i left. (well, i did go peek through the window one last time...
 just to make sure).
the one thing that kept me from worrying too much is that i know she will LOVE it. she loves learning. she is so smart. i know she will excel and thrive.
love you addie bo batty.


mimi2five said...

ok. . . you didn't cry---but I DID! I AM!! I can't believe she is out there in the big world! Too too hard for me to think about! I know she will love it too. I just hope grandma walker is allowed to be her guardian angel while she is away from home :). . . . now that's a happy picture!!!!!
xoxo mimi

Tatum said...

She looks so big!!Can't believe she is old enough. Time goes by too fast! Loved seeing you guys last week. We really need to get together more...

Chels said...

awww... she looks so ready, so cute, and so excited!
I'm sure she will be wonderful, and will be like my little girl, she adores school! {sometimes I wish she would miss me a little more....}