Tuesday, August 31, 2010

nursing children back to health

i wish i could put this vase of flowers in my house somewhere to brighten the gloomy feeling we have lurking.
 callie and walker are sick, sick. addie has been going to school with NO signs or symptoms of the nasty bug. thank heavens. lets hope it stays that way. life is on hold. ive been changing and washing soiled bedding. the washroom is piled high. the disinfectant is on the counter as well as easy accessible hand soap. ive been preparing jello, broth, chicken noodle soup with star noodles, toast, popcicles, and gatorade. but nothing stays down. i brought the rocking chair down from walkers room and we have been watching movie after movie, max and ruby, chip and dale, donald duck, curious george, over and over. callie is confined to the sheet covered couch, although she does pretty good about making it to the bathroom when needed. she is a trooper. she fades in and out of sleep, their stomachs are sinking in and they are pale, shaking and weak. im hoping its almost over. i, so far, have not gotten it. whew! lets all knock on wood to keep things that way. hopefully i will be back with good news that this has all passed. until then, loves!

my new online friend chelsea is doing a giveaway on her blog to win something from my shop! she is a gem! head over and get your name on the list to win. you will adore her site, she is a beautiful mother with cute kids and fun happenings. im so glad we have "met". thanks chelsea! 


Chels said...

i'm so sorry... i didnt realize it was THAT bad.

poor kids.
poor mommy.


the giveaway will be good though. ;)

Beth said...

no fun! hope your babes are feeling better soon and no one else gets it. Throw ups are the worst!! xoxoxo

Chels said...

have you seen the comments on my blog?!?! :) it's good stuff!

and people are SO talking about your ties! Yea!