Monday, August 2, 2010

im addicted!


let me tell you... im so excited about my new hobby. it will save us some much needed money and i cant even tell you how great it feels to save SO much.

here is my loot i got last week at frys.
the list:
2 aquafresh kids toothpaste
2 gillette mens deodorant
2 gillette mens body wash
3 oldspice body wash
3 ivory body wash
1 aussie hairspray
8 - 24 count crayola crayons
6 crest toothpaste
6 oral b tooth brushes
1 huggies wipes
1 56 oz dawn soap
1 cascade dish soap
2 pantene shampoos
2- 1/2 gallon milk
1 taco seasoning
2 better oats oatmeal
6 ronzoni pasta (whole wheat included)
4 spagettios
2 quaker quakes rice snacks (not pictured)
2 best life butter


grand total:
(so serious! )

woot woot!
so awesome right?!
( k, im getting off my soap box now.)

im still learning the details of couponing, but it is not as hard as i thought it would be.
for you arizona desert people, i will share with you some of my favorite websites that are so very helpful with couponing. they tell you all the stores and what the deals are and what coupons to use. they do all the searching work for you. and the best part, they are blogs, so its free.

i have only been shopping at frys, cvs, walgreens and target. but if you live by a rite aid, safeway, bashas, or any other stores, these sites have info.

here they are....

 i just got 2 jiffy peanut butters, 2 ragu sauces, 1 gillette fusion razor & 2 childrens triaminic for $1.74 today at cvs! just had to get on that soap box one more time! :)


Traci said...

WOW!!!! That is AMAZING!!!

Laura said...

WOW! Great job! I also like to use coupons and get good deals, although I have never got that much stuff for $15!!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

I love couponing!! I don't know if you've been to this website but it is what saves, it has all of the grocery stores on it...its great. There is also one called that has wal-mart, walgreens and cvs on there. Those are the two I use and love.

Chels said...

ok, you are awesome.

lej619 said...

WOW!!! I'll have to give it a better try myself.

Lorianne said...

Girlfriend! That is AMAZING!!! Wooo hooo!!! NICE job!! :)

Janae ~ Life Under Construction said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad you've caught the couponing bug!!! I'm an addict too :D Good work!

Arizona Savings said...

Thanks for the shout-out! You did great for $15.00! Awesome job. And your family is beautiful ... fun blog!