Tuesday, August 10, 2010


ive been quite neglectful of my little blog/journal. my energy has been spent else where. but i dont feel bad about it and have come realize that its ok to not blog everyday. (even if i would like to). i always have envisioned this blog as my journal, and sometimes, journals dont get written in every day.
so what have i been up to? ive been busy. here is a list of things that come and are on my mind :
+ addie is starting school on monday. we have gotten all of her supplies and uniforms and she is ready. she is going to be using the same back pack as last year. no biggie to me. it still has some miles left in it.
+ ive been assisting at the dentist every now and again. just a day here and there, when the other assistant is sick or cant go in. mark is able to be with the kids. i will probably start working a saturday or two each month.
+ ive been clipping a lot of coupons and saving a lot of money. this makes me feel happy.
+ there has been plenty of late night sewing and home projects going on around here. ive made dresses for the girls, working on curtains for my family room and kitchen, sewing more and more ties for a boutique in sept, painted and recovered a chair, & mark made me 3 frames from crown molding that i love! we just need to paint our walls so i can start putting things up!
+ of course ive been with the children, going to the library, feeding them ( i feel like i feed kids all day long! anyone else?) , & trying to find things to do inside to avoid this heat.

hopefully i can find the blogging/journal inspiration i need. do you ever feel like sometimes you have so much information to jot down and other times you are blank?
goodbye for now. not too long. pinky promise.


Chels said...

uh, I love you.
It's ok, I dont post everyday either. hehe. I love that you said you feed kids all day. DITO. cant wait to see the fun stuff you been sewing, like the dresses especially- I want to sew so badly. :)
Love the creativity going on, the frames, the curtains!
And the library. You rock. You are awesome.
Enjoy the time you have left, its what I'm doing too, then they go to school and it's hard not to miss them!!!