Wednesday, August 18, 2010

chair makeover.

i had a good hit at goodwill the other day. i found this chair for $10.00. i have been looking for a chair to put in my entry. my front room is a slow work in progress. i loved this chair. the spindles on the top, the lines and curves, the legs. it was sturdy and functional, the only thing was that the paint was peeling, the plastic seat didnt belong on this beautiful chair and there were dog bite marks on the legs. i bought it!

i sanded it down one evening and gave it a good painting. i covered it up with some leftover fabric from my curtains (still work in progress) and it was as good as new.

here is before:

and after :

those are my curtains draped there on the bench. i need to hang those awesome square tins i found... work in progress i tell you. :)

 now let me ask all ya'll for some advise.
just fyi, i still need to paint my walls. seeing my curtains, do you have any suggestions? paint scares me.
and i found this awesome buffet that is in my entry, at first, when i bought it i wanted to paint it. im not too fond of the gold around the edges. but now that its home, i dont want to/dont have time to paint the thing. should i , or shouldnt i.??? im painting the mirror a deep red. and of course when that is done i can get to finding awesome vintage accessories to go atop the buffet and piano.

so, give me advise. im up for ANY input!


Brianne said...

Great job on your chair!!! I would be brave and go bold! I was bold in my kitchen, and I LOVE IT! I would totally paint it that turqoise color that is the fringe of the curtain? Call me when chicken out at the paint store. I'll talk you through it!

shalynn said...

i like the buffet as it is, as well. i would keep it that way for a while, then when you are totally sick of it, you can give it a new life with some bold color. as for the walls, i would go with a light blue or a sharp grey for an entry way. just don't do tan!:) there's my 2 cents. good luck, i know you'll make it fabulous!

Chels said...

I LOVE THE CHAIR> great job on it!
The curtians are to LOVE and as far as the wall color, I would do a light creamy yellow. It would be light enough to open the space & subtle so you dont get sick of it. Not to mention, it would have just enough color to be pretty , but not so much to distract from your cute antiques and stuff you will surely have all over! {like the chair, either lighter, or darker... but kind of that tone?}
As far as the buffet.... I would so paint it.
a cool color with a rustic finish, distressed of course! maybe a light powder blue with alot of distress and slightly rubbed over with a glaze to add rustic appeal!??!!? Oh, if only i lived by you, I would help you...

Beth said...

I love the buffet the way it is! As for the color of the walls, that is a tough one. It always takes me a while to pick out wall colors. If it is a smaller room I would use a pale color- if it is spacious I would use a more bold color. But as for the color I don't know. Maybe a pale turquiose or some other classic color?

Suzanne said...

I absolutely would NOT paint that buffet, you can change the handles so they pop a bit though. As for your walls, I would paint it that yellowy color that's in your fabric, it's hard to tell from the pic but it's kind of a tan/mustardy color (I think), go with that, it will make your curtains and accesories pop (that is twice I have used the word pop, I must like it today). Anyway, that's my two cents :)

Swasey family said...

I like a banna creame yellow for the entre and accent in the blues & turquise. I would paint the buffet white, but antique the heck out of it and sand like crazy. Good luck! :)

mimi2five said...

I wouldn't do anything to that gorgeous buffet! It will also increase in value if you don't paint it. It matches the chairs and curtains so well. . . . think antique roadshow!!! ha ha. . . . that was from grandma Smith :) she is sitting here with me saying NO, DON'T DO IT !!!!!! xoxo mom and grandma

Turley fam said...

I would say paint the walls the yellow that is in your curtains. Yellow brightens up a room & just makes it feel happy & alive. As for the buffet, I say paint it & I would go bold. Like a turqoise. Post pictures when you get it all done. Cute blog by the way.