Friday, June 27, 2008

show yourselves!

i wish her blasted teeth would just come through!

trying to keep my cool, counting to ten, taking deep breaths.

it is shameful to say, but finally!!! the NyQuil kicked in! (i only give it to my kids under desperate measures! dont turn me in!)

silence, until i turn the car off!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

small things in my house that i love.....

2 posts, one day. oh well!

wanting to read it right now.

craft room addition.

target find.

i dont think i will ever get over this perfume! i have loved it for as long as i can remember!

making jewlery out of jewlery.

keeping toddler busy, at least for five min.

take a handful. they are delish!

another cycle of books.


we had pretty crazy weather yesterday!......
and i LOVED IT!

i was in the middle of cooking dinner. and all of a sudden it got dark and started raining. we all ran outside to play in it! it was so refreashing and cool! we were catching it in our hands and splashing it on our legs! so wonderful! addie got to bring out her umbrella! callie just wanted to get out in it, umbrella or not. she loved it! it smelled divine!

and then the power went out and our house started getting really hot and we were all hungry but i couldnt really cook anything. cereal didnt sound so appealing. so we had to hop in our air conditioned car and go to grandma higbees house!

this little booger was so excited about the rain and
would not look at me!

holding on to her umbrella for dear life. she may be the next mary poppins! who wouldnt want to be "practically perfect in every way"?

gotta love the wet, after nap, bang pony!
never doing bangs again on her!

still not looking.

rain, rain, please stay! maybe for a few more days!

i got the recipe blog up and running. it is called
i need to get everyones email address (those who want to contribute) so i can add you to the list so that you can sign into the blog and add your recipies. the easiest way for me would be to just email me,
thanks for all who want to contribute, the more the merrier. and if you just want to stop by the blog and check out the recipies, add it to your favorites list and tell your friends about it! should be fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the park at 6:30 am

my children have decided to get up with the sun at a lovely 5:30am! i wish the sun wouldn't show its face until 8:00! during breakfast i asked addie what she wanted to do today, and she replied with a loud, boisterous scream, "GO TO THE PARK!!!" at first i thought, "no, its suppose to be 110 today."
but at 6:30 it really wast too warm, so i threw on some comfy clothes and we went to the park! she loved it. we havent had outside play in quite awhile!

i picture her shouting at the top of her lungs...

i am sick of her bangs. i regret cutting them! poor girl! oh well, live and learn!
have a good night!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

reading nook

our reading corner. where imaginations run wild! i am so glad we have libraries! aren't they amazing! books are so expensive! whats greater than being able to check out as many books as you want, take them home and spend so much time reading them with your child! and then when your done, take them back and get new ones... for FREE!
i love children's books. it has always been in the back of mind that i would love to own a children's book store. how fun would that be. i would have story time and craft time. o so fun.
*** it seems as though a lot of you are interested in the recipe blog. so i think it will be a go. it is never too late to be apart of it so let me know! i will work on getting it ready and getting you all the info! what fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

the house is quiet. my children are sleeping! i am so dang hot. i am searching online to find a yummy, cool, summer drink! mmmmm!
my desk is really empty! i am trying to find things to put in the cubbies. a ceramic bird is on the list,but i cant seen to find one. dang. i have some art work to put above the desk on the wall. this room is taking me forever! but i am really not a decorator so it may take some time! i will show pictures when it is all finished! lets hope that is sooner than later! for now, back to summer drink searching! anyone have a good recipe?
*** speaking of recipes....
i was thinking of starting a recipe blog. i am always in need of new things to make. im sure my husband is getting sick of the same menu over and over! so, let me ask you this, who wants to participate in adding all our recipe's to a blog? those who want to do it, let me know.

Friday, June 20, 2008

i am bored and i cant sleep.
i have had this song in my head all day.
i totally think it should be on the twilight movie!
listen to the words carefully.
i love her voice.
i love this song.
totally think of bella and edward!
i am so lame!

{check it out!}

i gave in

look at the smile on this guys face!

mark made a purchase yesterday. i gave in. i was so set on the fact that he would not get a motorcycle! well i dont have to explain the gas prices. and my husband works 30 min from home. it adds up fast. this thing gets 60-65 miles per gallon! ya i was sold! it will save us a ton of money!

i am having major anxiety thinking of him on the road. so yes, i am normal and yes, i worry. i have mixed emotions right now and i am trying not to think of having a quadriplegic husband! :o)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

etsy update!

check out these items and more at my etsy shop!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

heat advisory day 115 degrees

running through the sprinklers, all family members included!

blowing bubbles pool side

unlimited otter pops

homemade kettle corn

Monday, June 16, 2008

fathers day

im so glad when daddy comes home,
(keep in mind this is me singing this song to my husband,
not my kids!)
glad as i can beeee!
CLAP my hands and SHOUT for JOY,
and climb up on his knee!

put my arms around his neck,
hug him tight like thissss!

pat his cheeks and give him whhhhatttttt?


we love our daddy o so much! he sacrifices so much for us! we treated him to a steak and potatoe dinner, followed by brownies, his fav. And later he gets to take a fun shopping trip to home depot and get what ever his little power tool hands desire!
we love you daddy and all the the other papas and grandpas in our lives!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

summer projects

I've decided to post often some of the summer projects that i do with my children so all you moms can get some ideas, and we can keep our kids busy, using their imaginations and gaining some creativity and self esteem. i came across this blog (thank you candace!), she uses a lot of ideas from the book The Preschoolers Busy Book.great blog, check it out! I have The Toddlers Busy Book and i love it. It gives a lot of ideas and you use things that you already have around your house! just love it! i am currently the highest bidder for the Preschoolers book on ebay! (whoever i am bidding against... just give up!) lets hope i win because i really want that book. anyway, here are some of the activities we have been doing....

{the puppet show}
i cut out images from an old coloring book and glued them on some popsicle sticks to make puppets. addie colored them and picked out her favorite! i want to make a better theater, im thinking of cardboard? we'll see if i get around to it!

all of the people in the play. i especially love red riding hood, the bird and the topless mermaid!

{washing money}
what kid doesnt like money, bubbles, water and making things shine!?
i just added some dish soap to a plastic container, added water, emptied out the coin jar, gave her an old toothbrush, and let her at it! she sat there forever! this was a hit!

{cut, paste, color,repeat}
addie is learning to cut with her OWN scissors! has to be her OWN scissors, you know how it is! i again helped her cut images out of a coloring book. i ran out of glue sticks so i put some modge podge in a bowl and let her apply it on the paper with a stick. kinda like painting. she enjoyed that. then she colored them. its a different way to use your coloring books and changes things up a bit for them!

{another idea i have used that i can add to the list is homemade playdoh. i put it on my blog awhile ago. go here to see the recipe. its fun for them to help you make it and then play with it! and if your nervous that your child might eat it, i have an edible recipe also....

Peanut Butter Playdoh

2 C. peanut butter
6 Tbls. honey
nonfat dry milk, or milk plus flour
cocoa for chocolate flavoring(optional, i've never added it before)
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix, adding enough dry milk or milk plus flour to reach the consistency of bread dough. Add cocoa if desired. Shape and eat!

I remember playing with this as a kid and it really is tasty!

So i hope some of this was helpful to you moms! And if you have any ideas you want to share of things you have been doing at home with your wee ones, please email me, i would love to get more ideas, and maybe i will post some of them!
Heres to a summer of busy kids!

Friday, June 13, 2008

just some thoughts

this may sound strange or silly to some....
sometimes i wonder why i live where i do. why i wasnt born in the country. i do love my family, and i know i was meant to be in the family i am in, and i would have never had the life i have, and i would never have met mark. but i long for this living. green, open spaces, fresh air. land, animals, everything in these pictures. i do feel like a southern girl at heart. this is my dream, my wish, to live this life someday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

o what do you do in the summer time......

when gas is almost 5 bucks and you don't want to drive anywhere????
to be honest, i go somewhere everyday. i guess i hate being cooped up indoors and it seems to make my days go by faster. but with the way gas prices are, i cant afford it anymore. so i need to start being creative and find things to keep my kids busy, happy, and off the tv during the day. any ideas? what are doing with your kids this summer? lets help each other out and come up with some things to do with our kids! tell me,
o what do you do in the summer time?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

another milestone

callie is walking at 10 months! my baby! she is a cruiser. it will be fun for addie, and a lot more work for me! my babies are growing up. at the same time i want time to stop and never let them get a day older, but then at times i cant wait for them to grow up and have all of the kid experiences ( and for me to get a little free time!)
o but i am grateful for these snapshots, to keep these events and images in my mind!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

new hair cut

ive been wanting to cut her hair for awhile. this morning i made the decission to go take her in. she is a mini me! it cracks me up! i must like this hair cut!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

when camping.......

the air is fresher,

the sky bluer,

chopping wood is sexier,

the swings...

are much higher,

the children are dirtier,

the water clearer,

and colder, (she fell in twice the first day!)

twilight, scarier!

the wild flowers, beautiful,

and there are more smiles!