Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day 2010

the kiddies and i had a back yard pow wow this afternoon. walker loved the pool, and for the first time in a long time, he didnt cry the whole hour and half we were out there. looks like i will be putting him in the pool more often! we are going to have a bbq later with daddy. cant wait. since addie has been done with school, i feel like a kid having summer break again. all i want to do is relax & have fun and adventure. its great.
i hope you find time today to think of what memorial day is all about, and think of the people and their families who are sacrificing for us. my brother in law is currently serving in the army and i see first hand how hard it is for him and his family.
thank you for all your do for our country and the people in it.
we miss you dave!






Friday, May 28, 2010

its officially summer!

mark left to drop addie off at her last day of preschool. her graduation is tonight. she is SO excited!

it is officially the beginning of summer! time to break out the pool, visit the library, cook in the kitchen, play games, have lazy mornings, visit mimi and papa in the mountains, start a chore chart, read chapter books, make smoothies, this list is never ending and so much fun!
what are your summer plans?
i will leave you with this.....

MONDAY August 7, 2009

i have to admit, i got a little choked up after i drove away from Mrs. Marnis house. Addie was thrilled! She was fully dressed and ready to go at 6:30 am. she wasn't nervous, scared, shy or hesitant. she was excited to meet new kids. she has always been this way, so i guess i wasn't surprised. callie was sad that she couldn't go with sister. she wanted a backpack and snacks. but we had fun, just callie and me. i haven't ever had one on one time with her. it was nice. i enjoyed it very much.
my mom wrote a poem for addies first day of preschool.....

Away She Goes
Away she goes ,
this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
Off to places we can’t go,
learning things we’ll never know.

Away she goes ,
to find her place,
with sunshine splashed across her face.
She’ll brighten every persons day,
with sweetness spread along her way.
Away she goes,
so full of love,
she is a gift from up above.
Music flows from her sweet lips,
And kindness from her fingertips.
[addie and her teacher, Mrs. Marni]
Away she goes,
this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
With angels by her side each day
To guard her while she is away.
M. Walker (mimi) 8/09

Thursday, May 27, 2010

boy room

i have been really excited about walkers room. it came much easier to me than the girls room for some reason. im loving the vintage airplane theme. it makes me happy. so here it is.


this crib was addies and then callies. its had some good use. it isnt the stain color i would want now, and the bite marks along the whole perimeter arent easy on the eye, but it works. in the big scheme of things, he wont be in it for very long.
airplanes: hobby lobby
white end table: thrifted
cowboy blanket: friends etsy shop

walker blocks: antique store

itty bitty banner: made by yours truely
vintage marbles: etsy
shelf: wedding gift

hanger: target dollar spot
little boys are made of print: thrifted vintage book
lamp: target

blanket: made by yours truely
boy: made by mr. and mrs. yours truely

rug: target

old books: thrifted
blocks: made by yours truely
print: etsy
i am still on the lookout for some vintage suitcases to stack by the dresser and an old crate to fill with cars and boy toys. a vintage globe on the dresser or shelf would be fun too.
any other ideas?
now i need to figure out the girls room. hmmmm.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

do you see what i see?

no.... not the crying boy with a dirty shirt!!
look closer.
two little teeth!
and red knobby knees.
yes this boy is growing up. he has teeth. he has been so fussy and hard to console. he doesnt want to eat, be held, let down, sleep, nothing. poor guy.
as for his red knees, he is army crawling. we were in the kitchen the other day and heard something in the bathroom. it was walker, playing with the yucky toilet brush and pulling the toilet paper off the roll, along with dumping over the full garbage can. i felt at that moment like life was in hyper mode. how had my baby grown up so fast? and crap, now i have to go through the girls toys and eliminate small objects, keep the floors vacuumed and swept of any small objects, & teach the girls to keep the bathroom door shut.
i dont think im ready for this yet.
its a dang good thing he is a cutie.:)
in other news:
* trying to get walker into the dr today for pink eye. yuck.
* addie has 2 more days of school left and im trying to figure out what to do with my precious time while she is away. need to use those few hours wisely.
* it is our weekend again. it came so quickly. i think we are going to bbq tonight and make homemade ice cream for the first time this year
*our chickens are laying eggs! well one of them at least. more on that later.
*i have some pictures of walkers room that i wanted to share with you tomorrow. i love it:)
off to make some breakfast. oatmeal, toast or cereal?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to say the least, shes pretty protective of her books.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words

we rarely get to see my side of the family, so when we do, we try and get a photo of the cousins together. my brother and his wife are due to have a baby any day now. im so glad my kids will have more cousins on my side to play with. anyway, the cousin pictures... we got a few when we were visiting. these make me laugh. it is so difficult to get a decent picture with kids. thats ok though, i think i like these ones way better than i would a smiling perfect, on your best behavior picture any day! they are hilarious. i have a million captions in my mind for each child with these.
me :SMILE!!!
addie: im bored. this is boring.
ellery: hey kid! get your paws off my flowers.
addie: mmm, i like to put EVERYTHING in my mouth.(she really does)
callie: WAHHHH!
ellery: hey auntie! you have to take these monkey kids home!
addie: see mom! nothing is in my mouth.. not anymore!
callie: WAHHH!
ellery: rrr... i wish these kids would just smile dang it! 10. 9. 8. 7. 6......

addie: mom, im waiting for when you stop looking at us and turn your head to put this pacifier in my mouth.

callie: CHEESE! im happy now mom!



ellery: thats it. im out of here. you guys are nutso..... and im taking my flowers with me!

Friday, May 21, 2010

drum roll..........


:: boston garden ::
how fun to see you all here! to those of you i havent met, welcome, its so nice to meet you.
to those of you who i am so glad to already know,
dont take so long next time to say hello! :)
i love you all.
on with show....
the winner for the tie is #17, SHAY!
and the winner of the $12.00 credit to my shop is KIM!
shay, email me your address.
kim, head over to my shop, pick out some pretties & message me through etsy.
as for the rest of you,
im giving 20% off of a total order from my shop.
just type in the code word ORANGEBLOSSOM in the message to seller at checkout.
and dont forget that the ties are buy 1 for $12.00 or, buy 2 or more for $10.00.
have a most relaxing weekend. i am so needing a break. we are going to have a stay at home date. im popping pop corn, and watching wuthering heights with my lover.
peace out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

friends! hello there!

i love blogging.
i love making new friends.
i love getting things in the mail.
its that simple.
so, to get to the point of this post...
i want to give you, my friends, something.
im going to give you a neck tie, for your little guy.
size 2 -4 T.
in any of the following patterns.....

but wait! there's more!:)
im also going to give someone else a $12.00 credit to my shop.
anything you want, you pick.
and it gets better...
you dont have to do any of that giveaway, post this on your facebook, blog and email mumbo jumbo.
just simply leave a comment and say hello!:)
introduce yourself.
i would love to meet you!
i will pick 2 winners, one for the tie and one for the
$12.00 credit on friday afternoon.
best of luck to all!
!!!!!!! if you are interested in buying a tie, i have a lot available. and i mean a lot. i had a boutique fall through so i have a bunch made up.
sizes available:
3 mon.- 1 yr
and i can make a 4 T - 6 T.
they are $12.00 each. $10.00 if you buy 2 or more. email me if you are interested.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the truth

grandma houses are the best. the yards are the best. they toys are the bestest.






its true.

:::: im doing something fun tomorrow. and you are invited! dont miss it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

20 + years down the road

the husband and i like talk about our future and what it could hold. we share dreams of living on a very large piece of land in the the south. possibly have a cow and chickens, and a white fence with a porch and a cute mailbox under a willow tree. after a recent trip to a local plant nursery, i was drawn to the beauty and smell of the flowers. we talked about maybe owning a little bed and breakfast of our own with a nursery next door. there would be daffodils, roses, herbs, sunflowers, tulips, poppies, lavender, lillys, daisies, snap dragons, cockle shells, ivy.... the list goes on and on. mark could take care of the nursery and the bed and breakfast grounds. i could be inside making peach and blueberry banana muffins, crepes, and farm fresh scrambled eggs with bacon. i can picture it all in my mind.
it would be wonderful... dont you think?
. maybe someday :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

celebrating 6 years together

me and my hunny escaped mimi and papas, drove down the road and stayed at the most charming bed and breakfast for a night. it was a relaxing, romantic, charming, and memorable anniversary.
we layed in a giant sized hammock all afternoon. we spent some time at the Snowflake Temple.
there was a claw foot tub in the bathroom (every girls dream to take a bubble bath in one).
breakfast was amazing! the vicotrian pioneer home was my piece of pie.






i love you mark. you are my world. thank you for treating me like a queen, and laughing at my jokes and opera voice. and for telling me i can when i feel like i cant anymore. thank you for being so selfless and providing for our family so that i can stay home with our beautiful children. thank you for smashing the bugs in the house when i cant because im freaking out. thank you for not blowing your nose in the shower when im around. thank you for cleaning up addies throw up even though you have a horrible gag reflux yourself. thank you for being the positive one and encouraging me to be as well.
we have a whole life ahead of us. im glad we will be together living it. living through happiness, hardships, trials, laughs, ups and downs. i am at ease because we will be together.
i love you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

we were away

:: eating breakfast on mimis back patio ::
we took a trip last week to the mountains.

we celebrated our 6 yr wedding anniversary and had fun with cousins.
more on that tomorrow.
enjoy your sunday!

o... and not that im looking forward to it or anything... but i know what i want to do when we are retired and lonely with no i said... not that im looking forward to it. i will tell you all about it later.