Monday, May 17, 2010

celebrating 6 years together

me and my hunny escaped mimi and papas, drove down the road and stayed at the most charming bed and breakfast for a night. it was a relaxing, romantic, charming, and memorable anniversary.
we layed in a giant sized hammock all afternoon. we spent some time at the Snowflake Temple.
there was a claw foot tub in the bathroom (every girls dream to take a bubble bath in one).
breakfast was amazing! the vicotrian pioneer home was my piece of pie.






i love you mark. you are my world. thank you for treating me like a queen, and laughing at my jokes and opera voice. and for telling me i can when i feel like i cant anymore. thank you for being so selfless and providing for our family so that i can stay home with our beautiful children. thank you for smashing the bugs in the house when i cant because im freaking out. thank you for not blowing your nose in the shower when im around. thank you for cleaning up addies throw up even though you have a horrible gag reflux yourself. thank you for being the positive one and encouraging me to be as well.
we have a whole life ahead of us. im glad we will be together living it. living through happiness, hardships, trials, laughs, ups and downs. i am at ease because we will be together.
i love you!


Chels said...

looks like a great one night out. perfect. happy anniversary.

shay said...

you are beautiful in that picture girl! i've just started crocheting again...almost in that same color too:)

My Family said...

so sweet!!!!!