Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the truth

grandma houses are the best. the yards are the best. they toys are the bestest.






its true.

:::: im doing something fun tomorrow. and you are invited! dont miss it.


Lexi said...

I think it is all the best because it is some novel, for my kids, NaNas house isn't the best anymore lol since we live here.

Beth said...

my kids love their grams house too. i am glad they have a grandma nearby, i never really had that. i miss that i didn't have it. fun week you guys had!

Chels said...

it is true.
and I think they have the best toys cause they are the classics.
love grandma's house

mimi2four said...

It's the kids coming here that make it the best. . . THEY are the BEST!!! Sure miss you!!!! xoxo mom