Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day 2010

the kiddies and i had a back yard pow wow this afternoon. walker loved the pool, and for the first time in a long time, he didnt cry the whole hour and half we were out there. looks like i will be putting him in the pool more often! we are going to have a bbq later with daddy. cant wait. since addie has been done with school, i feel like a kid having summer break again. all i want to do is relax & have fun and adventure. its great.
i hope you find time today to think of what memorial day is all about, and think of the people and their families who are sacrificing for us. my brother in law is currently serving in the army and i see first hand how hard it is for him and his family.
thank you for all your do for our country and the people in it.
we miss you dave!







Britney said...

oh my goodness addie! what a poser! that girl kills me. wish we were celebrating with you!!!

Fullerton Family said...

How hilarious that Addie does the peace sign- Kami is ALLLLLL about that right now, no picture is complete w/o one! (neither is any article of pjs, they all have peace signs on them)

Chels said...

LOVE your weekend! I stink.. didn't even take a single picture! Your pools look so fun. We have one big one, but looking at the lil guy in the small one... might have to invest in another!!!! Happy Memorial Day to your fam! Looks like so much fun over there!

andrea said...

Love that cherry photo, makes me want them NOW! :) Glad you had a great holiday! I didn't take one photo and now I wish I did!!