Thursday, May 27, 2010

boy room

i have been really excited about walkers room. it came much easier to me than the girls room for some reason. im loving the vintage airplane theme. it makes me happy. so here it is.


this crib was addies and then callies. its had some good use. it isnt the stain color i would want now, and the bite marks along the whole perimeter arent easy on the eye, but it works. in the big scheme of things, he wont be in it for very long.
airplanes: hobby lobby
white end table: thrifted
cowboy blanket: friends etsy shop

walker blocks: antique store

itty bitty banner: made by yours truely
vintage marbles: etsy
shelf: wedding gift

hanger: target dollar spot
little boys are made of print: thrifted vintage book
lamp: target

blanket: made by yours truely
boy: made by mr. and mrs. yours truely

rug: target

old books: thrifted
blocks: made by yours truely
print: etsy
i am still on the lookout for some vintage suitcases to stack by the dresser and an old crate to fill with cars and boy toys. a vintage globe on the dresser or shelf would be fun too.
any other ideas?
now i need to figure out the girls room. hmmmm.


Lindsey said...

it is darling....i absolutely love the mini bunting banners and your quilts are always so inspiring. And that little boy of yours is such a cutie!

Ashley Harris said...

Adorable! I love it all.

Swasey family said...

I love the bedroom tour...I need ideas for a boy & girl room to have it both go together..Maybe a vintage room would work? VERY cute though!And that baby boy is adorable!!

Chels said...

It's cute! Very eclectic boy! I so love.
Oh, it is CUTE! i love that you have all the different stuff, yet it goes together perfectly. I love your quilt! I've never felt brave enough to attempt a quilt. I adore the hanging airplanes, ADORE. they are so cute! And I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the white side table. SO great. and the banner- mini was a great choice, so adorable and precious!
The only thing I thought of, is maybe put that boys are made of page in a frame? it would add more weight to the display...
And I would do scrapbook paper decopauge on that cute W!!!
Find something nifty to go on that cute white side table... maybe a mini runner with something great and thrift-store ish?

Wish we lived in the same places, I want to go to the thrift stores YOU go to & get that cute stuff. Not to mention, I love your style!

and this place sells suitcases, a blog just posted a link, so though I think if you look at DI you can surely find a better price, though you might not get matching ones. Im not a matcher myself... so whatev!

Beth said...

boys rooms are fun- my favorite is the little blocks you made. so cute. i love it all.

Laura said...

I LOVE his room! It looks so great, good job! Thanks for the link to my shop, you are so sweet. I have been hesitating on decorating my boys rooms, since we moved. This room has inspired me!