Friday, May 28, 2010

its officially summer!

mark left to drop addie off at her last day of preschool. her graduation is tonight. she is SO excited!

it is officially the beginning of summer! time to break out the pool, visit the library, cook in the kitchen, play games, have lazy mornings, visit mimi and papa in the mountains, start a chore chart, read chapter books, make smoothies, this list is never ending and so much fun!
what are your summer plans?
i will leave you with this.....

MONDAY August 7, 2009

i have to admit, i got a little choked up after i drove away from Mrs. Marnis house. Addie was thrilled! She was fully dressed and ready to go at 6:30 am. she wasn't nervous, scared, shy or hesitant. she was excited to meet new kids. she has always been this way, so i guess i wasn't surprised. callie was sad that she couldn't go with sister. she wanted a backpack and snacks. but we had fun, just callie and me. i haven't ever had one on one time with her. it was nice. i enjoyed it very much.
my mom wrote a poem for addies first day of preschool.....

Away She Goes
Away she goes ,
this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
Off to places we can’t go,
learning things we’ll never know.

Away she goes ,
to find her place,
with sunshine splashed across her face.
She’ll brighten every persons day,
with sweetness spread along her way.
Away she goes,
so full of love,
she is a gift from up above.
Music flows from her sweet lips,
And kindness from her fingertips.
[addie and her teacher, Mrs. Marni]
Away she goes,
this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
With angels by her side each day
To guard her while she is away.
M. Walker (mimi) 8/09


Chels said...

I must admit, you have made me think that the Library is somewhere I am going to start taking my kids!! I am excited, that will be a new summer function for us, As well as lots of pool, sprinklers & parks! Yea for summer!

Chels said...

I did not go private, uh, so not for me... then how would we be friends?!
I did post 2 at once though, maybe that is what you thought you missed? I have the next 2 lined up for the next 2 days... I love to do a few posts at once and do the schedule post thing!
Anyhow, if you dont see one at 9:10 in the am tomorrow, maybe go and redo your blog roll, take me off then put me back on... I have had to do that with others.
ANd I am SO doing library. I adore books, my kids love when we go to B&N, now I get to GIVE them books to borrow!?!? I am so there. I suppose I just didn't know how early to start them. We will start now, and how my daughter going to think a library card is COOL will make my day! She will freak!

Taralee said...

Your blog amazes me. Everytime I look at it I just's amazing!
Oh- a while ago, when Walker was first born, you posted about a baby sling that you loved. What kind is it and where did you get it? I have to travel through the airport with a newborn and a 2 year old and luggage all by the more hands I have available, the better! If you can let me know- it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks Jess.

Lexi said...

I think those Junie B books are hilarious. I love them... Dave doesnt, but I do lol. Haylee has a ton so if ever you need to borrow to keep one, just let me know... we will be looking to downsize our library before we move again!